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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Soil conservation packets to potato planters with ridges shape for reducing erosion and variable fertilizer application


Product: Soil conservation packets to potato planters with ridges shape for reducing erosion and variable fertilizer application
Location: Hall B, st. no. 001; Hall F, st. no. 017
Producer: P&L, s.r.o.
Exhibitor: P&L, s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Soil conservation packets that can be applied to various potato planters, are solution for missing machines and technologies for soil conservation potato growing with stones reduction on slightly sloping fields according GAEC 5 standards. The packet creates original shape of ridges in combination with a narrower and shallower non-rail furrow. Formation of pits and dams significantly improves the retention of rain water, reduces water flow on surface and the risk of water erosion. Better and more stable moisture conditions in the ridge together with variable fertilizer application into different locations in the ridge contribute to the higher utilization of nutrients from applied fertilizers by plants, reducing water pollution and stabilize yields tubers in dry years (e.g. 2015). The costs spent on innovation of potato planters have a quick economic return.

The development and validation of packets in soil conservation farming practices was done in co-operation of Crop Research Institute in Prague, Potato Research Institute Havlíčkův Brod, Research Institute for Soil and Water Conservation in Prague and company P & L, Ltd.  within the project TAČR TA02021392.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Presented original solution of ridges shape for water retention and  reducing erosion is the first on the machinery market. It leads to the absorption of higher amount of rainwater in ridges and limits its accumulation in the track furrows, which is associated with a greater risk of water erosion. The original working tool design (in total 9, copyrighted Crop Research Institute and company P & L, Ltd.) is applied in the construction of soil conservation packets for potato planters. They create a unique shape of ridges and furrows: the wider the upper ridge surface - shell shape, shallower and narrower non-rail furrows with pits and dams created by special adjustable turning blades ended with agitating teeth, infiltration groove on top of ridges variably interrupted. Variable application of different rates of fertilizers targeted in 2-4 positions in ridge, which is greater rainfall certainty (e.g. to close tubers into zones with better water system after adjusting the ridge shape or after pits and dams formation in a shallower non-rail furrow) is also the original solution have not been made by any potato planters producer yet. This leads to higher utilization of nutrients from fertilizers applied to plants, rooting balanced thickness, greater stability tuber yield and quality and reduce the risk of water pollution caused by residual nitrate nitrogen.


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