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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Oilseed rape Orex


Product: Oilseed rape Orex
Location: Hall C, st. no. 026
Producer: SELGEN, a. s.
Exhibitor: SELGEN, a. s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Orex excels in high yield and seed quality with very low glucosinolate content and high-yield oil. Plants are low to medium, medium resistant to lodging. The variety is moderately resistant to the attack FOMA blackening of the stem, moderately resistant to attack sclerotinia rot, moderately resistant to attack by rot and wilt. Late variety with an above average winter hardiness.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

The first Czech variety of oilseed rape created method of double haploids. High yield of quality seed. Erucic acid content minimum, low glucosinolate content. Very good frost resistance.


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