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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology



Product: Magellan
Location: Hall G2, st. no. 031
Exhibitor: FARMCZSYSTEM, s. r. o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Magellan®, the first active alley flooring composed of rubber slats, juxtaposed and spaced to create longitudinal and parallel grooves. These grooves allow collection of the majority of the liquid portion of livestock excrement. These liquids are then transported continuously to the collection facilities (manure pit or other). This process solves one of the most important problems of traditional alley flooring as the animal’s hoof is elevated above the excreted fluids. A dripper system allows continuous treatment of the conveying system to permanently control the microbacterial environment of the alley floor. The alleys promote better animal health.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

In contrast to the classical way of removing the manure from the alleys the hoofs are kept in a better cleanliness and dryness. The system is fully authomatic without any useless bothering of the animals and injury risk or e.g. pedometer loss pedometer which can be caused by usage of classical alley scrapers. Another advantage is a smooth usage of that technology in freezing temperatures when the classical alley scrapers can get iced. Furthermore, the hoofs of standing animals are not „washed off“ by the manure being removed from the alleys and the animals don´t have to stand in the manure for hours before it is then removed.


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