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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

TOP-PHOS® technology


Product: TOP-PHOS® technology
Location: Hall C, st. no. 012
Producer: TIMAC AGRO Düngemittelproduktions und Handels GmBH
Exhibitor: TIMAC Agro Czech s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Top-Phos® is the first groundbreaking solution in phosphorus plant nutrition since 1960, when development of MAP and DAP production have started. Patented technology represents unique innovation (Patent No. EP 2521703/2011) resulting in increase of phosphorus utilization by crops without dependency on soil pH.  Top-Phos technology represents unique patented innovation in plant phosphorus nutrition. Dissolved inorganic phosphorus in fertilizer granules is here protected through calcium bridge by organic chemical bond (P–Ca–organic complex) sufficiently powerful to eliminate phosphorus retrogradation into insoluble forms unavailable for plants in both acid and alkaline soil environments. On the other side this bond is adequately weak to enable such action of root exudate which results in release of soluble inorganic phosphorus and its uptake by plant. This technology protects water-soluble phosphorus against precipitation and subsequent unavailability for plants. In comparison with conventional phosphorus fertilizers, Top-Phos fertilizers maintain phosphorus in available form during the whole growing season. By their specific composition they ensure long-term availability of phosphorus from soil solution regardless to soil reaction (pH).

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Application properties and preferences of Top-Phos® technology products (fertilizers) are being manifested through the complex of multiplied effects finally resulting in better economical efficiency of fertilization. Thus even 70% of total phosphorus is available for plants on a long-term basis compared to only 30% of that coming from conventional phosphorus fertilizers (Giovannini et al., 2013; Babiánek et al., 2014). Organically protected phosphorus is not subject to degradation and its availability by plants is, in opposition to other fertilizers, independent on soil pH. Considerably better utilization of phosphorus minimizes eutrophization of waters with unexploited phosphorus and contributes in this way to environment-friendly fertilization. More effective phosphorus transformation from soil into plant reduces its requirements per unit of area and saves this globally deficit element for use of the future generations. In comparison with conventional fertilizers, Top-Phos products ensure better supply of food chain with this mineral element and help to prevent deficiency of phosphorus in human nutrition.


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