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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

OptiCorn Premium corn header family


Product: OptiCorn Premium corn header family
Location: Hall E, st. no. 001
Producer: Optigep Machine Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.
Exhibitor: Optigep Machine Manufacturing and Trading Ltd.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Fundamental charasteristic feature of the OptiCorn Premium header family is every part unit of the machines is made with the use of aluminium and corrossion-proof steel materials. By combination of these materials, at given place, very light machine can be built by taking advantage of their favourable features. The light machine loads the feeder of the combine harvester less and takes effect favourably to the shaft pressures, mostly at the rear, steered wheels. Because of the materials that are not inclined to getting rusty the machine is absolutely durable, they stay aesthetic for a long time. The drive system built with only gear-drives is maintenance free during the season.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Due to the used materials the machine is very light, compared to other machines of the category that ensures advantage at the shaft pressure of the combine harvester, at the loading of the feeder, at steering, at fuel consume. The machine is not at all proned to corrosion, it remains aesthetic after countless season, that is unique feature in this machine category. Instead of the often applied chain drives the maximal safety of operation is guaranteed by gearboxes with aluminium houses that are developed and manufactured by a premium category gearbox factory. The snapping rolls are longer than the average and they have significant role in increasing the speed and by this means increasing the field performance. The machine gives opportunity for more settings/ ensures more setting options by the user and the combine harvester that increases the harvesting efficieny. Spare part supply from permanent stock is one of the services provided to the machine that increases the efficiency further.


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