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3.-7.4. 2016

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Panonie - species- varied seed mixture for arid areas


Product: Panonie - species- varied seed mixture for arid areas
Location: Hall C, st. no. 005
Producer: Agrostis Trávníky s. r. o.
Exhibitor: Zemědělský výzkum, spol. s r. o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Moravian Sahara in the vicinity of town Hodonín was chosen as experimental locality, where a team of specialists from three research companies – Agricultural Research, Ltd., Troubsko; OSEVA Development and Research, Ltd., Zubří and Agrostis Grasslands, Ltd., Rousínov – experimentally studied for several years the suitability of plant species and seed mixtures utilisable in the future at localities with extreme climatic conditions. Research was conducted in the frame of project „A pilot project of prevention of soil biological degradation under the conditions of arid climate“. Basing on the testing results a seed mixture called „Panonie“ was compiled. Its composition was adjusted mainly with emphasis on its universal use in arid areas, not only with sandy soils.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Seed mixture „Panonie“ is compiled from the newly used drought resistant grasses, legumes and herbs, which very often miss in productive mixtures and grasslands. Species composition is designed with two aims: 1) to keep both the cover and site protection during all the vegetation period and 2) to keep the legume cover high in order to supply other plants with nitrogen. Herbs and legumes can be used as feed source for pollinators, refugee and feed source for many groups of animal species. The growths could have multi-purpose utilisation – forage production, biomass production for combustion or biogas stations. The sites could be also managed by the way of mulching. Seed mixture is under patent protection, registered in the Industrial Property Office under the number 305283.


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