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30.3. - 3.4. 2014

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

YANMAR I-HMT - Integrated - Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission


Product: YANMAR I-HMT - Integrated - Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission
Location: Hall B, st. 20
Producer: Yanmar Co., Ltd.
Exhibitor: Y-CZ s.r.o.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

I-HMT transmission – integrated hydraulic mechanical transmission – is the first hydromechanical vario transmission to be used in small tractor segment below 50 Hp. Yanmar is introducing the first functional solution for hydromechanical vario transmissions in the segment of small tractors. I-HMT enables the user basically the same way of controlling the tractor as it is with purely hydrostatic transmission, which were considered to be the best solution in this segment so far. The I-HMT, however, offers a much higher grade of efficiency than the hydrostatic transmission almost comparable to that of a mechanical transmission. Owing to these unique characteristics the tractors equipped with this type of transmission have up to 15% higher pulling force which leads to lower diesel consumption. It is also possible to use such tractors for heavier work without the risk of lowering the lifetime of the transmission. Currently this transmission is used for Yanmar model range EG 300 and EG 400 with a power of 26 – 53 Hp. The European homologation process is in progress.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

New I-HMT transmission offers the higher operational comfort and pulling force than any other transmission currently available on the small tractor market. The I-HMT in combination with high torque Yanmar engines enables to reach higher performance than tractors with hydrostatic transmission and stronger engines. Compared to mechanical transmission, which efficiency it comes very close to, the I-HMT transmission enables a smooth acceleration and stopping of the machine without the necessity to use clutch or to shift gears. Moreover, due to the integration of the engine and transmission control system, it is possible to use stable speed with different loads. Compact size enables to use this transmission for even very small tractors and offer a much higher user of the available power.


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