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30.3. - 3.4. 2014

International Fair of Agricultural Technology

Lovo CaN


Product: Lovo CaN
Location: pav. V, st. 001
Producer: Lovochemie, a.s.
Exhibitor: Lovochemie, a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Lovo CaN is a liquid multi-component fertilizer containing nitrogen 7% and calcium 13%. All the nutrients are in a water-soluble form which are easily accessible. The fertilizer has an average content of 70 g/kg of nitrogen and 130 g/kg CaO.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

The fertilizer is used in presowing fertilising and supplementary fertilising of cereal crops with nitrogen, mainly in more acid soils and in cooler conditions, particularly in recuperative and production fertilisation of perennial barley and wheat. It is also suitable for supplementary fertilising of permanent herbage after felling. It has been proven good in apple trees as a preventive spraying against black spots. It solves very well any calcium insufficiency in fruit vegetables. The fertilizer is in a chlorine-free form, without any side effects on the quality of the crops, and is environment-friendly.


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