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17.-19.2. 2018

International Fashion Fair

17.-19.2. 2018

International Footwear and Leatherware Fair


Saray del Saz, fashion designer, Madrid, Spain
I’m thrilled to have been here at the STYL trade fair in Brno. I introduced my new collection at the gala evening exhibition, and partly also throughout the day, and I have to say that the fitting was very professional.

Marcela Linhartová Trávníčková, co-owner, E.Daniely, Prague
Last year, E.daniely came back to Brno after a long time of absence, and from a business standpoint, STYL is a success again.

Veronika Sedláčková, Brand Representative of YEST, ORIENTIQUE AUSTRALIAN a CPM, Prague
We’ve been going to STYL for three years, though until now only in August. Saturday was the most active day for us – we couldn’t stop even for a second. Pre-orders have been made, we have widened our network of contacts, and we will see if anything comes out of it in the future.

Magdalena Wetterová, manager, Vysněné kabelky, Prague
From our perspective, the trade fair went as expected. In the four years – or eight seasons – we’ve been coming here, we’ve built ourselves a group of clients who keep coming back to us. I like this trade fair for its family-like atmosphere, too.

Luboš Beneš, co-owner, Benet v.o.s., Červený Kostelec
We are a Czech company focused on the production of socks, from classic, formal ones to the more sporty kind or even football socks. We have been coming to STYL for ten years because it still has value to us.

Matěj Závorka, Brand Manager of JU´STO, UNIDAX
We are one of the regular exhibitors. One of the positives of this year was the fact that there were new brands present at the trade fair which were sought after by the retailers and brought in new customers who weren’t previously familiar with us.

Klára Klímová, saleswoman, L&S Bohemia, Jablonec nad Nisou
We are a family business dealing with traditional Jablonec bijoux. Those who come to us will find bijoux jewellery of our design, all of it hand-worked, with all the beads coming from Swarovski. We have been attending the trade fair for ten years. Every six months, it’s a place we love to come to and exhibit our goods.

Petr Černý, Sales Manager, LEDER-PELLICCE, Jaroměř
Our company is focused on collections of women’s winter jackets with real or faux fur, baize coats, and other products. Because of this, we always attend the trade fair in February with the goal of meeting new clients. This year, our stand was at its busiest during the weekend, when we observed a very respectable number of attendees, even though most of them were our usual customers.

Rostislav Dvořák, President of the Union of Czech and Moravian Production Co-operatives
People don’t want to only wear clothes made in China, they want pieces from domestic brands to be a part of their wardrobe as well. A certain part of the textile industry has remained here in the Czech Republic, and I’m sure it is going to be true in the future, too. This is why we support the textile and clothing cooperatives in our union, of which there is not a small number. Two of them have separate stands here at STYL, and four more exhibit their products at our combined exposition.

Pavla Polednová, CEO of the production co-operative MODELA Pardubice
In Brno, we exhibit our models twice a year; our main customers are owners of small boutiques. We’ve got many regular clients, but in the last couple of years we’ve been getting new ones as well. We can get to know them only in Brno, because it’s the only place we offer our goods.

Jiří Hněvkovský, Sales Representative of the company AGLAJA
As suppliers of sunglasses, this is the first time we are at the STYL trade fair. Boutique owners come to us to find the accessories they need so that they can offer their customers full service in choosing their summer outfits. For instance, some of the men’s fashion shops’ representatives came here to get sunglasses of various designs and materials. So far we are satisfied.

Michaela Salačová, model, DJ, fashion blogger
I like seeing the exhibitions, how they’re organised, and what they look like from the backstage. I think that this trade fair still has its place in the fashion industry. Choosing the models for the exhibition wasn’t difficult at all, as the exhibitors have a lot to show for themselves. If I had to choose more than six outfits, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Nikol Moravcová, presenter, actress, fashion blogger
So far I’m really enjoying the STYL trade fair and I’m really curious about the exhibition, because until now I’ve only seen it from the backstage. I think it’s going to be magnificent. Many of the models here are my friends, which is also great. Everybody is extremely nice! And the trade fair is really big as well – I have to say that I’m surprised.

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