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17.-19.2. 2023

60th B2B Fashion Fair STYL

17.-19.2. 2023

60th B2B Footwear and Leatherware Fair KABO

Pleas is Celebrating Anniversary and Presenting Innovations


This year at the STYL fair, the Pleas company is celebrating their anniversary of 140 years from the start of textile and knitwork production in Havlíčkův Brod, but instead of looking over the shoulder into the past, the company shows the future of the field. New treatment technology LongLife prolongs the life of cotton knitworks so even after many washings, the products still look brand new. 

Cotton fibres - a natural material with high strength, absorbing power and pleasant to touch - are part of half of textiles produced today. Despite their popularity, they have some disadvantages which show only after several washings. These include colour fading and emergence of threads which disrupt the smooth impression of the knitwork. The disadvantages are removed by the newly developed technology of fibre treatment Real Lasting Cotton which Pleas is presenting at the STYL fair.

“We are the leaders of the Czech market and we have our own development; that is why we always come to STYL with some innovation. Furthermore, we now belong into the giant family of Israeli-American company Delta Galil and therefore we are able to use their newest technologies,” David Burian, the Pleas Sales Director, is explaining the company philosophy. Every STYL fair sees a surprise in a new Pleas innovation. This time, it is a newly developed technology of fibre treatment Real Lasting Cotton which guarantees that the product has the same colour shade even after 25 washings. “We named the treatment Long Life because its main contribution is prolonging the product life expectancy. It is not necessary to buy expensive washing agents; the long life expectancy is guaranteed directly by the fibre treatment and of course it is absolutely harmless in terms of health. The technology is based on enzymes, but I would not like to reveal more,” David Burian is smiling. The secret of preserving the unique look of cotton knitwork is to stay within the Delta Galil Industries for now. The visitors had the opportunity to get acquainted with it at the exhibition stand of Pleas where the treatment was applied to a part of their lingerie merchandise.

While other Czech companies re-oriented to production of technical textiles, the region of Havlíčkův Brod successfully markets the traditional merchandise even after 140 years. Pleas profits exceeded 1 billion CZK last year, which is 19% more than in the previous year. The profit in the same period increased from 15 million CZK to incomplete 106 million CZK and the company is expecting similar results for the year 2013. At present, one of the biggest knitwork producers in Central Europe exports over 90% of production but at the same time manages to increase its popularity among Czech customers who value quality. Which is why Pleas extended their exhibition area by half for this year's STYL fair to show the customers new collections for spring and summer 2014.

Date: 18 Aug 2013 17:29:00

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