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18.-20.8. 2018

International Fashion Fair

18.-20.8. 2018

International Footwear and Leatherware Fair

Bisse - uncompromising quality


BISSE/ KEFELI CLOTHING years ago, Bisse started their journey with the philosophy of becoming a brand without compromising quality. Today, both in the national and the global market, it is a remarkable, trend- setting, leading brand of the industry. BISSE has 30 stores, 10 franchisers nation-wide and 23 international stores as well as great volume of mens shirt export to world-wide.

Bisse has several ‘the _rst’ s, such as being the _rst exported Turkish brand, and again being the _rst Turkish brand taking place at the signi_cant global fairs with signi_cant foreign companies. Bisse is also the _rst Turkish company that opened a wholesale store and a boutique in foreign countries. Since 1976, with the shirts we have been producing within our own facilities, Bisse, now having important expertise and system of machienry, targeted to move their high quality of mens shirts to outerwear in year 2001 and launched their suits, blazer jackets, pants, overcoats, trenchcoats, knitwear, t-shirts and footwear lines. For Bisse, to make a shirt is art and what completes the art is the details. With the importance BISSE gives to the details, brought the brand to the leading position as much as its earned reputation of styles which their names are globally known.

As a goal of our company which lead us to success for over years are as below; Our production range are casual, sports, formal styles for men, women and kids shirts. We can either produce your own collect ions and designs or you may also select from our wide range of collections. We do the Source and development in house. By this way we can give you theo ppourtunaity to serve you more faster and solving the problems in easy way and quoting you competitive prices. We are currently using OPTITEX pattern system and according your specs and patterns we can produce any of your styles andde sings. As for our great understanding; we are easily o_ering you that, your samples and production will be produced according yo urstitching details and will also giving you the _exibility to achieve your demands. Entire of production is persuing by our quali_ed QC masters from the very beginning till the end . We have our factory established in the city called Bayrampa_a and located in the eastern part of Turkey. It is 6000 m2 and running by 250 sta_. We are producing around 2800 pcs of shirt on a daily base. In this respect our production capacity is 60.000 units per month .

Delivery date, 4 weeks after the fabrics reached to our factory. As Bisse/ KEFELI Clothing we produce all kinds of female and male shirts. At the same time, together with our associates we producea l lkinds of female and male clothing (suits, blazer jackets, pants, overcoats, trenchcoats, knitwear, t-shirts etc…) While your collection are preparing , we may get in contact with local or EU mills in order to get you fabric and to cut andst itch according your designing . According your demand wem y quote in both as full make or CMT basis prices. Beside that , according the stock fabrics that we can submit and o_er you .

For fast deliveries and by this idea can be considered during the and of season s. We can o_er you based on CIF or FOB prices. You will realize that to be direct supplier will give you the chance of competi tive prices than what others are o_ering. AS BISSE/ KEFELI, we would like to enter to your market trading by shirt/ blouses. And we would like to establish strong relationship in order to enter related market by means of your esteemed _rm.

New collection of clothing brand Bisse visitors can STYL and KABO see the exposure of the brand in Hall P. More info on: www.bisse.com

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