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21.-23.2. 2015

International Fashion Fair

21.-23.2. 2015

International Footwear and Leatherware Fair

STYL-KABO February 2015 in numbers


646 foreign visitors registered at the cash offices in the Fairs STYL and KABO. They came from 18 countries, predominantly from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Germany. Individual visitors came from distant countries such as Brazil, India, Ireland, Russia, Switzerland and the UK. During the three days 65 media representatives from the Czech Republic and Slovakia accredited at the Press Centre.

Number of exhibitors and companies represented 276 (STYL: 178, KABO: 98)
Number of brands/collections 767 (STYL: 456, KABO: 311)
Number of participating countries 16
Total exhibition space in m2 7 487 (STYL: 4 731, KABO: 2 756)
Number of visitors 5 741
Number of accredited journalists 65



Livia Klausová, Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Slovakia:
Once again I have visited Czech companies at this trade fair and I was surprised by the number of the exhibitors. Never would I have guessed that STYL and KABO would have almost 800 brands. Last year I did not attend the trade fair, but I feel that fashion trade fairs have undergone a recovery. The exhibition Czech Designers for ELLE was very nice and it was a great idea to present twenty Czech designers at once.

Klára Nademlýnská, fashion designer:
Brno traditionally holds a special place in the Czech fashion scene. My cooperation with the Brno Trade Fairs has been going on for some time and this year it has been my fourth show in a row. I have prepared an exhibition Autumn-Winter 2014-2015, where the first half revolves around outfits for daily use and the second is aimed at evening dresses.

Iva Macháčková, Managing Director, commercial representation of the company Wortmann for the Czech Republic and Slovakia:
During this trade fair we present the collection for Autumn and Winter, which revolves mostly around leather ankle high shoes. We can see new interest in our products. Ten years ago we explored a new franchise project Tamaris Store. The sole traders more and more come to realize that if they want to lead their stores right and encapsulate everything new, there are some pieces of knowledge and experience which are good for them to take up. 

Pavla Šedinová, Commercial Officer, ELEGA:
We have returned to the trade fair after four years because it is good advertisement and the need for it is really high. We are a Czech company, lately we have been focusing on leather goods only, and we have expanded our collection by a new brand called ELEGA by Dana M., on which we collaborate with the actress Dana Morávková. Handbags from this brand were presented during the fashion show and it was a success. Customers came after the show and said that they liked it very much, which pleases us a lot.

Miroslav Slavík, business partner of the company Skorochod, St. Petersburg, Russia:
Skorochod is one of the five biggest child shoes producers in Russia and they produce 1 800 000 pairs of shoes per year. The company has its retail stores all over the Russian Federation, from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg, and they sell their products even to Scandinavian countries. Now they would like to expand their business activities to Central Europe and that is why we are exhibiting in Brno. Especially the first day we were pleasantly surprised with the attendance and the positive feedback we received concerning the quality and price of our products.

Pavel Hajn, owner of the company Pavel Hajn, výroba kožené galanterie:
We have attended KABO twice a year for twenty years straight. We show off our novelties because the need to produce something new is perpetual. Now we have managed to attract the attention of visitors with our hand-painted handbags and wallets. From time to time, we acquire a new client at the trade fair, but since we have been on the market for a long time and the customers know us, we see it as an opportunity to meet with our regular clients, who, for ten years straight, can find us at the same place.

Andrea Verešová, topmodel:
Brno is connected with my modelling roots. After my success in the Elite Model Look competition, when I was sixteen, I began to acquire my first modelling experience and I was taught how to walk like a model here. Back then I was bursting with stage fright, anxiety a little, but also expectations, hopes and unfulfilled dreams. It was a completely different experience from now, when I can enjoy the atmosphere of a fashion show from the view of a guest. I am a big fan of young models and fashion designers.

Jiřina Matoušová, owner of the company Werso Fashion:
The organizers have prepared for our presentation a nice atmosphere and our stand was always booming with customers, sometimes they even had to stand in a line, so we are happy. We also had a fashion show, after which a lot of intrigued people came over and they were very happy that somebody in the Czech Republic is making underwear like we do. We even gained new customers.

Lenka Švecová, Sales Department, Linia:
We are producers of Czech underwear. We liked this year of Brno’s trade fair, the attendance was great, and we are looking forward to next year.

Michal Staněk, co-owner of the company Blue Trading Group, the brand GEISHA:
We come here regularly and we have welcomed the change to Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which manifested itself in an even number of visitors. We present here the Netherlands brand Geisha and we focus mainly on acquiring new contacts. Not only do we exhibit at our stand, but also we take part in the fashion show, which is an intriguing combination. We are reasonably content and we want to exhibit here in the future as well.

Václav Salač, Managing Director, Belgian hats HERMAN:
We represent the high quality hat brand HERMAN from Belgium. These hats do not have any real competition here on the Czech market. Our primary goal was to intrigue a spectrum of customers as broadest as possible, so that they would learn that they can get their hands on our products even here in the Czech Republic. A very positive aspect of this trade fair is the feedback from the visitors; how they react to our prices and which types of hats they like. In effect, it will help us with the creation of pre-orders for future collections.

Petr Vykoukal, Sales Manager for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the company Felina ČR:
Today is the third day of the trade fair, which means that we have a lot of business meetings ahead of us. But I can now say that overall the number of clients, who have visited us during Saturday and Sunday, was great. They came in much greater numbers than during last year’s fashion trade fair. What had helped it greatly was that we had arranged for an anniversary exhibition in honour of the 130 years anniversary of our founding. If I were to rate this trade fair, I would say that for our company it was a success. We have a great number of customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia here, but we also had some intrigued visitors form Slovenia, Hungary and Russia.

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