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17.-19.2. 2013

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

17.-19.2. 2013

International Fashion Fair



Livia Klausová, the First Lady of the Czech Republic:
I am glad I could visit the STYL and KABO fairs as I do every year. I was pleasantly surprised by the high number of visitors; some exhibition stands got crowded indeed. I also think that the collections were nicely unified, for example in footwear there were very neat complex isles. However, on my trips to Brno I mainly return to "my" exhibition stands and observe how individual firms cope every year. I have had most pleasant encounters today.

Tina Grubelnik, CEO of LISCA, Slovenia:
LISCA participated in the STYL fair for the first time last August. Since our presentation was successful and we were greatly satisfied with the fair organization, we have returned to Brno which has proven to be a good idea. We believe this fair to be a good place for the company presentation; a good place to acquire new contacts and potential clients as well as to meet our contemporary clients with whom we wanted to spend some time.

Grzegorz Kwinta, CEO of Moodo Urban Fashion, Poland:
Our first time at the STYL fair in Brno was in 2009. Back then, we encountered new customers and started cooperation on Czech and Slovak market. After several years of absence, we have decided to come back and after the first day I am able to say that I have a good feeling about our participation. I am sure we will establish some contacts with Czech and Slovak merchandisers. From this point of view, the STYL fair is very interesting for us.

Valérie Deleu, Export Director, brand Pause Café, France:
We expect new contacts and certainly new customers from our participation in Brno. The brand Pause Café has experienced two seasons on the Czech market where we are establishing step by step. We are satisfied with the interest in our exhibition stand, we also participate in the STYL SHOW and we are pleased that many people come to check out our stand after the show. We even signed some orders on the very first day.

David Radonjič, Sales Director, Mura, Slovenia:
"It is our first time here. It is a very good fair and we will surely return and exhibit on larger area."

Josef Šimáček, Agent of Jopess fashion:
Our merchandise includes t-shirts, dresses and newly also costumes which are missing on our market. Here at this fair, it has been proven that there is interest in the entire merchandise. In our experience, merchandisers have grown more careful since autumn; this was reflected in the profits as well, but I think that when we evaluate all orders here at the fair, we will get a satisfactory result.

Miroslav Kobelka, Sales Director in Tylex Letovice:
We exhibited here after several years' break and we consider our participation at the fair interesting and useful, because we reminded our former customers that we are still here. We have encountered an opinion that it is good that we were there and that Tylex still exists. Some visitors thought that another Czech manufacturer closed up. We are leaving with a lot of orders. There was considerable interest in our elastic lace materials which are IN at the moment, so we have acquired many contacts in this field.

Klára Nademlýnská, fashion designer:
I have returned to the fashion fairs after four years; this time with a retrospect of evening and cocktail dresses. I came to Brno from the Paris fair where I pre-selected what I liked for the collection spring/summer 2014 and I hope that after the Brno show I will have a moment to walk around the fair and check out what's new at Czech fairs.

Jana Janíková, Dean of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications at the UTB in Zlín:
Here in Brno, we have presented selected works by graduates of our Design studio. Student shows as Gaudeamus Design are useful; that is why we like to participate in such projects. It is always important to compare with other schools and to get inspired.

Iva Macháčková, Agent of Wortmann, representative for CR and Slovakia:
From the point of view of business and immediate sales, Sunday was the best day for us; from the point of view of long-term projects that we could present, the entire fair was very good. We have recorded significant return to classic leather footwear in our footwear collection for the season autumn-winter; our customers were greatly interested in it, mainly when the shoes feature some further special equipment. We still consider the fair a good place for meetings and for presenting footwear and our concepts.

Jaroslav Česal, agent of AZA Import:
This year is my first time at KABO and I was taken by surprise by such great interest. Although there is a hint of depression on the market, I have made many more orders that I had expected. In my opinion, it was a successful exhibition, we will certainly attend the fair in summer and we may even increase the exhibition area a bit as well. As far as the service, ordering and communication with the organizers is concerned, everything played out correctly, promptly and pleasantly, so all in all we are completely satisfied. 

Lukáš Vokoun, Agent of Natur Comfort:
We exhibit at KABO twice each year and we address all footwear merchandisers here. For us, it is B2B service; we fill out orders here, meet with business partners and tempt customers for trade-fair discounts. Thanks to that, our orders get unified within a few days and we can plan our production better and more economically.

Vlasta Mayerová, Secretary of the Czech Footwear and Leather Association (ČOKA) in Zlín:
Fashion fairs all over Europe have problems. Some have been terminated entirely. If STYL and KABO maintain their standards and there is no decline in exhibition area, we can consider it a major success. As far as the KABO exhibitors are concerned, everybody was happy with the visitor rates on Sunday; same as in August, this day was the strongest. It could be worth considering moving the term to Friday-Sunday, as this works well with other fairs abroad.

STYL-KABO February 2013

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