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12.-14.2. 2012

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

12.-14.2. 2012

International Fashion Fair



The exhibition of period underwear from the19th and the beginning of the20th century at STYL trade fair in Brno

STYL trade fair has prepared an exhibition of lingerie “UNDERWEAR INSPIRE...” from the a collection of textiles and fashion accessories in co-operation with the Museum of Brno. The presentation of period lingerie reminds us of the trends in fashion development from the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. It is the period of efforts to start a reformation in clothing, a period of a new, healthier way of dressing and more comfortable lingerie. The message of this exhibition is to show that the similarity in history and the present time is not just a coincidence and that there was a certain transition of inspiration through the means and ideas from one area of clothing to another.

The exposition of period lingerie can be found at STYL trade fair near the catwalk in section LINGERIE in hall P

“The world of fashion, a multi-layered group of ideas, designs, extravagance and also classics in clothing, reminds us of the ever rotating Earth. Everything comes back after sometime but with refined new combinations and better technologies of production while keeping the original irreplaceable resources such as cotton, linen and wool. On many occasions what used to be hidden under the skirts wants to be shown for the admiration of others or even becomes the outer garment itself. A Batist embroidered slinky can now be worn proudly as casual wear on a hot summer das.

A corset is often used as part of evening wear and is still attractive as an effective element in shaping the woman’s body just a hint, without having to drastically strangle the body’s natural beauty.

Night cloaks of various designs and originality took the role of jackets and blouses, which go well with romantic-style skirts of different lengths. Those often remind us of lavishly decorated puffed underskirts. Needless to say that the effective variations of laces and embroidery in combination with muslin have no limits.

This is called INSPIRATION by history and it also applies to the large range of lingerie. Underskirts, bodices, underwear with legs, which used to be functional protective and often heat retaining wear, served also as a demonstration of the embroiders’ skills. In another time this could be a challenge to the patience of young girls, who had to take part in embroidering and decorating their own trousseau.” PhDr. Ludmila Růženecká

The partner of this project is the Museum of Brno

PhDr. Ludmila Růženecká – curator of the exhibition
Studied Science of Art and Ethnology at the Philosophical Faculty - University of T.G. Masaryk (last UJEP) in Brno. She has been working for the Museum of Brno for 6 years as a curator of textiles and deals with presentations of collectible clothing materials and fashion accessories at individual and group museum exhibitions and with their promotion in specialist articles and publications.

STYL - KABO 2012/02

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