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18.-20.8. 2013

International Fashion Fair

Zago – company profile


Zago is an Italian firm with recent traditions specialised in clothes accessories, in particular: ties and scarves. Zago follows the historical tradition of tailoring and dressmaking, celebrating the search for new designs and styles and making collections of high quality and refinement.

Zago creations stand out for years for the taste and elegance that characterize them. The line Zago enhances the style and looking for any clothing accessory, with a focus on ties, scarves and gloves, in the historical tradition of Italian production.

The firm, funded by Luca Zago in the 1990s, is located in Rovigo, in the very heart of the Polesine area between the Po river and the Adige river, not very far from Venice, Ferrara and Bologna. In the premises in the outskirts of Rovigo, fabrics are selected and the models for the final production are created. The production takes place in the small high quality homemade tailoring and dressmaking laboratories, constantly supervised by the Zago Family. Mr. Lorenzo Zago takes care of the commercial network and the most famous North-European and national stores of clothes are among his contacts.

More information on www.lucazago.com

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