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18.-20.8. 2013

International Fashion Fair



The YETI company was founded in Berlin in 1983 by Bernd Exner and in its early days it was specialized in the production of high quality feather products for expedition mountain climbing (sleeping bags and clothing for low temperatures).They entered the field of fashion in 1996 with a women's feather coat, which was accompanied by a promotion campaign "Down Goes to Town".

In 2000, Karl Breiding and Son buy the company, a prominent German businessman with feathers, and YETI production is moving to a renovated factory in Görlitz.

In 2005 YETI is acquired by a Danish Holding Company Nordisk AS and hence the systematic development of cutting-edge feather clothing begins, using the latest ultra-light materials from Toray. The company patented its CrystalDown brand for top feathers of European breeds to abide by a strict code of ethics, Next to Nothing and Companion for fashion products from ultra light rip stop nylon.

At this time the company is joined by German fashion designer Oliver Reetz. The company begins to penetrate the Japanese market and in addition to Oliver Reetz fashion collections are designed by a Japanese designer Yuko Yamazaki.

In 2010, sales of fashion feather clothing exceeded sales of sleeping bags and the sports collection for the first time. In the same year the factory in Görlitz was hit by extensive flooding that interrupted production for half a year. At the beginning of 2011 the factory in Görlitz moved to a new location outside the floodplain and at the end of 2011, a second manufacturing plant opened in Dresden, known as the "Glass Factory".

Since 2008/2009 season, YETI is represented on the Czech and Slovak market by Prosport Praha s.r.o.

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