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18.-20.8. 2013

International Fashion Fair

Versai Ltd.


Exhibitor: Versai Ltd., Imel, Slovakia – Hall P, stand no. P26

Exclusive distributor of Sinéquanone

Exclusive distributor of Eva Kayan

Exclusive distributor of Lazlo

Versai Ltd. was established in 2010. Our range of activities includes retail- and wholesales dealing in branded and elegant French dresses.
In our range of goods you can find the collections of a well-known French brand.
We put great emphasize on the quality and originality of our suppliers´ products. We want to satisfy the needs of our female customers, who they valuate individuality and search for dresses with own, unique style.

Brands represented:

Since the label was founded in 1973, creative design has been Sinéquanone's driving force and the foundation stone upon which the company has built its incomparable technical expertise.

In a 17th century building right in the heart of Paris, fashion designers, pattern-designers and head seamstress are always busy designing, creating and breathing life into their vision of fashion.
The workshop/apartment is a veritable hive of activity; where nimble-fingered staff apply their many skills to the fabrics, patterns, fittings, and so on...
Firm foundations such as these - combining imagination and expertise are not the exclusive prerogative of the world of luxury fashion: Sinéquanone is built on such foundations too, but in a business whose size allows it to be closer to its customers.
The company has never felt the need to relocate this centre of expertise: the Sinéquanone ethos is a feeling, a difference, a set of values embodied by our signature, one that the evokes feminity; a certain attitude, a certain approach to life, a certain style, look or gesture...and clothes.


The world according to EVA KAYAN reinvents itself subtly with each collection, while keeping a strong identity which gives the brand its absolutely timeless character.

With her charming but resolutely feminine style, EVA KAYAN´s collection offers both superb technique as well as casual glamour.

The wonderful rich mixture of fabrics, exclusive patterns and an eye for detail create a modern twist to the conventional mores, EVA KAYAN confirms both her feminine and creative touch in this fabulous new collection.


The Lazlo brand comes from the surname of founder Edina László. Edina has been attending design fairs since 2009, mainly in Austria. She has created a number of collections under different brands both alone and with the help of others. At the beginning of 2012 she started her own brand, which is based on solely own designs.

These collections do not vary according to season like the traditional, well-known brands, and they don’t follow the colour-trends. They are always based on an idea, thought or concept, and are mixed with other artistic elements. As these models are independent of trends, they can be worn any time. Edina’s goal is to create a brand that is young, girly and wild, and also full of feelings. Simple, new and wearable.

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