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18.-20.8. 2013

International Fashion Fair

18.-20.8. 2013

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware



J. E. Emeria Siregar, Ambassador of Indonesia:
We are very proud to be able to present quality Indonesian textile to the Czech audience together with top-quality fashion work by Dian Pelangi, a young and talented fashion designer. You can find shops with Indonesian fashion and textiles in the Czech Republic, but the potential is much higher. Current Czech-Indonesian relations are on a very good level and mainly during recent three or four years, they have been developing in various branches.

Dian Pelangi, Fashion designer, Indonesia:
This my first visit to Brno and I was very glad to accept this invitation. I have created the collection specifically for the European market and this show. Designs for Europe differ in colours and materials, but I also adjusted them to the height of models. Cooperation with the organizers in Brno was very good and the trade fair is an opportunity to make business contacts in this part of Europe.

David Burian, Sales Director, Pleas:
We have expanded our stand by 50% and we also had 50% higher expectations, which came to fulfilment. People liked our merchandise and we enjoyed many visitors coming to us despite the fact that the situation was complicated by very hot weather and closed highway D1.

Martin Kárych, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Altra:
I dare say that the fairs succeeded in attracting a portfolio of companies able to offer the most complex range of merchandise to the producers that they need for their production. I wish for this fair to have a certain educational and cultivation function in the future in our field, to become a bigger marketplace of information and experience and to offer materials in such a scope which will be interesting for designers, model makers and creative people. All those people would have a reason to come here, build their product here and bring it from their head to paper, to computers and subsequently to merchandisers.

Iva Macháčková, Commercial Agent, Tamaris:
We are presenting a new collection at the fair and in most designs, we used our new technology Touch It. We received positive acclaims to it and made many orders mainly with smaller customers, so we have reached numbers similar to last year. We have also been providing footwear for the fashion shows for some time which we regard as a successful presentation aimed at end-consumers.

Zuzana Kašparová, Sales, Tylex Letovice:
We have already exhibited here in February and this time in a common section with other material suppliers. In the future, it would be good to concentrate suppliers for lingerie and ready-to-wear fashion manufacturers even more in order for an expert visitor to see the complex offer and find everything they need to make their product in one place. This year, there are still few participants in the materials section, but we would like to convince others in the future and we believe they will join us. We still managed to make some new contacts and it is always beneficial to show what we make.

David Sklenář, Marketing and Export, STAP:
We haven't exhibited here in years and we have been kind of missing the Czech customers; that is why we agreed with other material suppliers to show that Czech textile is still alive. We will continue doing it also in the next August and we will strive to further expand this section. We would like to address other companies similar to us and even form a trend forum to make our offer address as many potential clients as possible.

Martina Krotková, Odvarka bijoux:
We are here in the common stand with other exhibitors from Jablonec. For us, the Brno event is always full of happy encounters. Especially our customers from Moravia come here to check out the innovation that we point out to them including those we had had the opportunity to present in July in the trend section at the Paris fashion fair and accessories Eclat the Mode Bijourhca. Since we are from Liberec, we come visit our customers several times a year, but here in Brno, we have always the most merchandise in one place that our customer can physically examine by themselves.

Kateřina Hanko Pletichová, Owner of Lovemusic and Organizer of the Fresh Fashion zone:
I am very happy, both with the Fresh Fashion zone as well as with how we are standing as Lovemusic. It seems to me that alternative fashion is really at home at this fair. We have received mostly positive reactions to our stand and to our fashion show, we have many visitors coming and they are blown away. It surely makes sense to participate in the fair in terms of marketing and we are even leaving with orders; albeit smaller, but have more of them. I can only recommend the participation at the STYL fair to other brands from independent fashion markets, it is very good to try it out.

Drahomíra Gřešová, Agent of PEGRES obuv:
We are regular participants at KABO. This time, I was a little worried whether the customers will come, because owners of brick shops don't have it easy nowadays. However, my worries remained unfulfilled and Sunday was very successful. I can say that moving the term of the fair into weekend was a very happy solution - customers favour this day because they don't need to close their shops to visit the fair. We are again satisfied with our participation.

Mária Igazová, Sales Assistant, Gabor brand:
We represent the brand Gabor in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This year's fair was successful for us, many customers came, both traditional ones and newcomers, everybody liked our collection and we have plenty of orders. We are looking forward to the next KABO fair.

Lukáš Vokoun, Member of the Board of Directors, Natur komfort:
We manufacture healthy footwear and we have prepared a new collection of children's home footwear for this year with motifs of the Czech fairy tale character Krteček (Little Mole). Interest in our merchandise at the fair was good and the innovation received positive acclaim. The fair traditionally fulfils our expectations and helps us introduce new merchandise on the market. We have noted a difference in the fact that we make more smaller deals, but the benefit in terms of orders and turnover is comparable to previous years.

Radka Legerská, PR Manager, Dara bags:
We participate in alternative fashion fairs, but we wanted to try something different and KABO is our first trade fair. We came with the goal to address a new group of customers - smaller brands to which we could supply bags. Boutiques that want to have something different and original in their merchandise. It was confirmed that our offer can draw attention and our main task is then to convince clients that it sells. We already know that people really can't get enough of these bags - sometimes we almost struggle to keep up. We have made some contacts here and we believe that the participation at the fair will slowly reflect in our business.

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