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21.-23.8. 2011

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

Blundstone: Natural Australia at the Exhibition in Brno!

Persistent and Resilient

Blundstone Boots had their first appearance in Australia in 1870.
The spectrum of capabilities is immense. The product choice ranges from working shoe to urbane classic.

The family company domiciled in Tasmania has emerged to a global brand in the last decades. Long ago sales and production was only limited to the Australian Continent. Meanwhile, the stylish as well as functional boots are in use worldwide, and due to their robust workmanship both in Lifestyle and in the Outdoor-Division they have become comparably popular.


Blundstone 500 has to be understood as a Classic, its form does not submit to short-life fashions. It is created of solely 3 leather pieces, whereby only few seams are required. The result achieves greater comfort and less abrasion. The acid and oil resistant soles out of polyurethane make the boot slip-proof on all sorts of surfaces. Diverse models have oil tanned vamps, and therefore profoundly waterproof. The water resistant elastic inserts and distinctive pull-tags save valuable lifetime. The Classic is also available as a robust child shoe for all activities in wind and weather. The pull-tags ensure easy putting on and taking off of the “Blunnies”

Selective Distribution

To convey the brand accordingly, Blundstone is exclusively sold in professional shoe stores, but also in selected fashion and outdoor areas.
Not only the positioning is important to Blundstone, also the claim treatment: “The country responsible distributors generate a monthly claim list to enable a fast reaction. The dealers send the boots to us, and depending on the result, they are improved on site or we issue a voucher.
This represents a surplus value for both dealer and consumer,” explains Petra Uhlmann, CEO of PINU Handels GmbH.

The upcoming autumn/winter season offers a new variety of Blundstones with colored elastic aside from the Classic range. 

First order:
minimum 3 models – 12 pairs per model
Future orders: possible at any time, min. 3 pairs, orders till 12 noon are dispatched by UPS same day.

STYL-KABO 2011/08

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Highlights from companies


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