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21.-23.8. 2011

International Fashion Fair

21.-23.8. 2011

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

Men in focus

For the first time in the history of the fashion trade fairs the accompanying programme has included the TOP DESIGNER STARS fashion show title in two categories – MEN and WOMEN. As you could guess from these titles the fashion shows offer two different views of fashion – through the eyes of men on one hand, and through the eyes of women on the other. On Sunday afternoon the V Hall has seen five designers – Marcel Holubec, Petr Kalouda, Pavel Jevula, Brice Mensah, and Lukáš Kimlička, all of them designers who have won the prestigious Top Styl Designer title between 2002 and 2010. Women will have their say on Tuesday.

The idea to present five male and five female designers separately obviously turned out to be highly attractive. “I liked this idea from the beginning and when Markéta Švábová approached me I did not hesitate and immediately started designing my collection,” said Marcel Holubec, who opened the “stag party” today by a romantic part of his Lolita collection. “For me it is a kind of nostalgia. I competed three times before winning the Top Styl Designer title and that allowed me to experience the competition in its different former style. I have fond memories of it,” said Marcel Holubec. The “male optic” is a good idea according to Pavel Jevula, who admits that he does not separate fashion by the gender of its creators. The visitors saw his current collection made of packaging fabrics. “Recently I have been focusing on models made of unusual materials. For this show I used the bubble foil, for a film festival I designed a model made of the cine film, and before that I had models made of paper,” said Pavel Jevula, who has been co-operating with the Rialto company as a designer of ladies’ fashion.

The show staging ten collections by male and female designers who have won the Top Styl Designer or Artist of the Season title in the past took place after the decision of Trade Fairs Brno to hold the competition for talented fashions designers only once a year and not twice like in the years before. Liběna Rochová, a famous fashion artist and designer, who won the historically first title in this prestigious competition in 1994, was among the audience.

STYL-KABO 2011/08

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Highlights from companies


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