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21.-23.8. 2011

International Fashion Fair

21.-23.8. 2011

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

Participants’ feedback

Jiří Kohoutek, president of the Association of Textile, Clothing, and Leather Industry ATOK:
The estimate of the economic development over the first half of year 2011, compared to the previous year, is more optimistic. The takings of the textile industry have increased by almost 18 percent inter-annually and we have not had such results here for ten years. However, we do not want to be too euphoric too early, because the next course of the situation will depend on the development on the German market.

Marcel Holubec, designer, participant in DESIGNER STARS – MEN!:
The idea of presenting five male designers separately seemed great from the beginning. When Trade Fairs Brno approached me I did not hesitate and plunged straight into designing the new collection. For me it is also a kind of nostalgia. I won the Top Styl Designer competition on my third try and I have fond memories of it.

Zdeňka Šmejkalová, business manager of AVIKO TIME, Prague:
Here in Brno we are presenting a German brand FRIEDRICH Lederwaren, which we have been importing to the Czech Republic for quite some time. Most of the products are jewellery boxes, watch cases, manicure sets, and spectacle boxes. This is our first time at the KABO fair and we are here mainly because we expanded our product range by adding various leisure bags and we need to become known among a new clientele that focuses on handbags and footwear. We saw greatest interest in our original Be Happy bags and the range of school bags and rucksacks for small children. The environment and atmosphere here are nice, in general terms we are happy and satisfied.

Petra Uhlmann, German company PINU Handels GmbH, representing the Australian brand Blundstone:
This is our first-time participation at the trade fair in Brno and therefore an interesting opportunity to see how the local market works compared to other European countries. We spent all our time at the exhibition stand presenting and introducing our products and communicating with customers, majority of who were Czech traders and retailers, about one quarter of people interested in our produce were from Slovakia. We focus mainly on retail, therefore we were surprised to find out that many visitors already knew our brand, some of them in relation to the outdoor segment.

Michaela Möllerová, head of production of LIGLASS, a. s.:
From our point of view the trade fair was a success, both in terms of gaining new contacts and business opportunities. We could see the revival of visitors’ interest in Czech fashion jewellery although we are fully aware that it will take a long time. The majority of visitors at our stand were Czech consumers and traders, and we are happy to see that the Czech clients clearly distinguish between the quality domestic products and goods imported from the East.

Iveta Lužná, head of sales department of MODĚVA, Clothing co-operative Konice:
We focus on export and most of our produce goes to foreign countries, but we strive to remain present on the Czech market as well. This is the main reason of our participation in the Brno fashion fairs where we have been coming regularly for many years. During Sunday and Monday we had many visitors at our stand, which was a pleasure although the orders were not as high as in the previous years. The customers are more careful and first want to try what suits them best.

Jiří Bartoň, owner of Brandit.cz:
We have been following STYL for about twelve years; we used to come here more or less regularly. This year we decided to take part because we are presenting a new brand on the Czech market. Besides the presentation at our exhibition stand we also took part in the fashion show and were very happy with its quality and professional performance.

STYL-KABO 2011/08

Highlights from companies


Highlights from companies


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