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21.-23.8. 2011

International Fashion Fair

21.-23.8. 2011

International Fair of Footwear and Leatherware

August fashion fairs STYL and KABO on new days!

The new days on which the STYL and KABO International Fashion, Footwear and Leatherwear Fairs will take place are from the 21st to the 23rd August 2011. In August the first day of the trade fairs moves slightly forward, in comparison to previous first days, to the 21st August 2011. The reason behind this change is the new choice of exhibition days: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (previously Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday).

The opening times of both the trade fairs have also changed, as follows: on Sunday and Monday from 9 am to 6 pm and on Tuesday from 9 am to 5 pm. To fully utilize the exhibition workdays, the last day of the fair will not be shortened significantly.
The main reason for this change is the development in trends within the organization of exhibitions, which is evident throughout Europe, where there is at least one free day (Saturday or Sunday) included in the exhibition days. The second reason is the request of representatives of the exhibitors, both from the textile and the footwear branches, to make it possible for traders from smaller shops and business premises to also visit the trade fairs.

The International Fairs of Fashion and Footwear STYL and KABO will maintain the concept of conctractual fairs, where textile, clothing and leatherwear traders from the CR, SR, the MOE region, meet.


STYL-KABO 2011/08

Highlights from companies


Highlights from companies


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