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17.-18.5. 2017

International Stainless Steel Fair

Stainless 2017 in figures


142 exhibitors from 27 countries
2,994 sqm of net exhibition area
2,064 professional visitors from 45 countries

Final report to download:

Quotes About the Fair

André van der Veen, Sales Manager, Hego Stainless Steel & Aluminium, Netherlands
We are presenting our product here for the third or fourth time. We are very satisfied, because we meet all of our clients from Eastern Europe here. These days, everything is done via Internet, and that is why it’s really nice to meet real people, we really like to come here. And the organization of this fair truly is excellent; it is prepared by very pleasant people, who meet the exhibitors’ wishes at all times.

Tomáš Rýpar, Executive, Schwer Fittings, s. r. o., CZ
In terms of organization, this exhibition fair is still very good and I think that in comparison with the last year, there are more visitors. It is livelier. It is important to be here, because we belong into this field and in case of our absence, everyone would wonder what was wrong with us. People learned to come here and it gives us a business advantage as well, because we led a couple of interesting negotiations already on the first day. Some customers expand their production and the talks with them give us feedback, because sometimes we don’t even know all the fields in which stainless steel is being used. A lot of things are being done via Internet, but it is important to function on multiple channels. Here, we can find the clients we would have lost, if we would conduct business only via Internet. Overall, we are satisfied this year.

Jan Kopecký, Director, Strojírny a opravny Milenov spol. s. r. o., CZ
We manufacture stainless steel pipes, which we supply to Czech, Slovakian, Austrian and German market. Our customers are mostly in the water industry, but we came here, because we want to strengthen our position in other fields. We are looking for new customers, but it is also a matter of prestige and we get to meet our suppliers. I was actually pleasantly surprised, how many of our partners came. I think that the number of visitors is higher than the last time, that the good name of this exhibition fair keeps improving and we will definitely come again in two years.

Martin Chaloupka, Prague branch office head, STAPPERT Česká republika spol. s. r. o., CZ
I see the STAINLESS exhibition fair as an opportunity to meet people. The people here don’t get to see each other face-to-face very often; we mostly know each other only through calls and e-mails. Here we can finally meet and talk face-to-face. Most manufacturers and suppliers from our line of business is present, and that is why this exhibition fair is important to us. There are also suppliers from Asia, who one cannot meet except on similar events, and we have also seen for example prospective clients from Russia. In addition, we belong to a large group, STAPPERT has eleven branch offices in Europe and we have colleagues from Netherlands, Germany, Poland or Slovakia at our stand. It is definitely important to be here.

Martin Zálešák, sales department, 1. Miroslavská strojírna spol. s r. o., CZ
We come here every two years, this exhibition fair is perfect for promotion of our company within the stainless steel trade, but of course we come here with the goal of acquiring new customers. The first day is usually the busier one, some visitors come to negotiate, and some ask what we do. There are a lot of foreign prospective clients and every single one of them knows what they want.

Alois Vašek, Executive, BIBUS METALS s. r. o., CZ
We are regular exhibitors and we have been already to the first STAINLESS fairs, which took place in Ostrava. As a meeting of material manufacturers and distributors, this exhibition fair is perfect. There are companies, from which we purchase goods, and we can meet them here for a relatively cheap price, otherwise we would have to travel around Europe or the entire world. We are glad that we can present ourselves as a strong distributor on the Czech market in front of them. We actually have more suppliers than customers here, but we’re talking about a small market of special materials and we all know each other. We like the ratio of price, service and the advantages the fair gives us. We are happy, because the Indian people come here and we don’t have to go to India to meet them.

Timo Gabelmann, heco GmbH, Germany
I visited the exhibition fair for the last time in 2009, because it felt like it was losing its original charm. This year, I tried again and I was very pleasantly surprised. Many exhibitors of good quality, lots of visitors and first-rate audience.

Isabelle Bretagnolles, sales manager, RTI Industries, France
We are here for the second time and we are satisfied with the number of visitors and newly established contacts. Last time we liked it, too, the trade fair only takes two days, and there are people who know what they want. Its narrow focus on stainless steel brings the right visitors here. We talked to customers from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine and other countries. This fair is important for the whole of Eastern Europe, so we will be back in two years.

Anna Buszmann, sales representative, Böllinghaus Steel GmbH, Germany
As specialists in stainless steel, we have exhibited regularly at this fair. It is a place where you need to be present if you are active in this line of business. Visitors are not so numerous, but they are real professionals. We met people we wanted to meet, from many countries around the world. Most visitors are here from Eastern European countries, but people came from Scandinavia and India. We are satisfied here.

Pavlína Bakšová, sales representative, Felix Steel a. s., CZ
We exhibit regularly at this fair, especially with the aim of being visible within our industry and maintaining relationships with our suppliers and customers. The fair is attended by people whom we need to meet and, of course, our competitors, too. It is important to get to know each other.

Meerle Bosman, export sales, Arcus Nederland B.V., Netherlands
We are exhibiting here for the second time, our goal is to meet new customers and develop our business. We have a lot of business in Eastern Europe and especially in the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries, hence it is good to be here. The first day was quite busy in the hall, the second day is quieter, but maybe a lot of people left for the Milan fair. We are still satisfied with our participation.

Krzystof Kurjaňski, managing director, Outokumpu Distribution Polska Sp. z o. o., Poland
STAINLESS Brno is the most important event of its kind in our part of Europe. That is why we are its traditional participants, being here is undoubtedly very important for our business. It is not just about the Czech market, but the whole Eastern Europe; we met a lot of people from Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and also from countries such as Serbia, Croatia or Slovenia. The importance of this event far exceeds the Czech domestic market. We have had a number of important meetings here and we are very satisfied with our participation.

Matej Burger, director, MATICA MB D.O.O, Slovenia
It is our first time at this fair, but in two years’ time we are going to be here again, it is a useful event for us. We can present our entire range, the production programme and address potential buyers. We met with many interesting customers and take home a number of new contacts, but we will evaluate the business outcome only after the fair is over.

Václav Zibner, purchaser, ITALINOX, s. r. o., CZ
STAINLESS in Brno is certainly far bigger than it used to be in Ostrava. This year we have a lot of meetings, I almost did not pause, but it seems to me that the number of visitors is slightly lower than last time, which is perhaps due to the time collision with the Milan fair. We are satisfied with the stand, we are visiting each other with our suppliers and business partners, but only few new customers are coming in. However, we also have some new contacts, mainly from farther foreign countries. I mainly meet people I personally see only once every two years right here, so I’m happy because personal contact is important. All major players on the Czech market are exhibiting here, so it definitely makes sense to be here, it is a marketing and social necessity for us.

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