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Silva Regina
3.-7.4. 2016

International Forestry and Hunting Fair

Timber Delivery and Movement Management System in Sawmills


Product: Timber Delivery and Movement Management  System in Sawmills
Location: Hall Z, st. no. 114
Producer: FORESTA SG, a.s.
Exhibitor: FORESTA SG, a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

Timber Delivery and Movement Management in Sawmill Operation is an information system for managing the process of importing timber into a sawmill enterprise, its organization over time, volumes and types from selected suppliers, as well as acceptance of timber and tracking its movement and consumption at warehouses and other related processes. The system addresses timber import requirements arising from the capacity possibilities and production needs of a sawmill enterprise. The maximum number of deliveries for a defined time period (usually one week) is calculated and then presented to timber suppliers with valid contracts based on contracted volumes, historical performance and other conditions entered into an algorithm. Suppliers can subsequently reserve deliveries a stipulated time in advance, while they can monitor the performance of contracts and deliveries and their process states. The system also enables self-invoicing, solutions for receipts for timber from the suppliers, and warehouse management, enabling the monitoring of the movement of timber at warehouses, its consumption and the performance of continuous inventories, as well as an interface for exchanging information with accounting records.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

Elements of innovation can be seen in:

  • Advanced IT support for timber delivery and movement processes in sawmills,
  • Complete procedural underpinning of the issue in the addressed area, built on our own analysis of processes,
  • The use of new IT technologies and solution architecture,
  • Convenient access by various levels of staff to relevant information for decision-making and management.


Concurrently with

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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