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Silva Regina
30.3. - 3.4. 2014

International Forestry and Hunting Fair



Location: pav. Z, st. 098
Producer: FORESTA SG a.s.
Exhibitor: FORESTA SG a.s.

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

FORESTRADE is a new forestry sales portal, set up to support the market environment in forestry. It is specifically designed for trading in all the main forestry commodities, such as standing timber, logs, firewood, chips, forestry goods, materials for the cultivation and protection of forests, forestry services, forest land. The activities provided by the portal also include processes involved in preparing commodities for sale, such as measurement and calibration. There is now market space for the commodity Standing timber. The portal allows for electronic ascending or descending auctions and presence descending auctions and supports bulk auctions or auctions at unit prices.

Specification of advantages compared to the competitors

  • We provide a comprehensive service, i.e. including the preparation of commodities for sale, which is guaranteed by the operator (measurement, calibration)
  • We provide legal services (contracts, etc.)
  • We offer various different sales options
  • The graphic and technical design of the portal (modern IT technology, "user friendly")
  • The portal itself is not based on sales, but on the philosophy of how the market environment should work in forestry
  • All supported processes are on a solid legal and methodical basis
  • Assures perfect awareness amongst market participants before, during and after the auction


Concurrently with

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

31.3. - 4.4. 2020

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