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7.-9.2. 2023

Fair for food industry and gastronomy

Food industry will be showcased in Brno; come and exhibit alongside industry leaders


The 32nd SALIMA will take place in April 2020 and its preparations are in full swing. It is already known that the leading exhibitors of individual industries will participate, and the organizers believe in another record-breaking year.

The food industry is changing constantly, new technologies are entering the food and beverage industry and final products are adapting to consumer preferences. All these changes are regularly mapped by the group of international food fair headed by Salima, which take place every two years in Brno and demonstrate new trends. Next year, the date of international food fairs, led by SALIMA, is postponed to the second half of April, when companies can exhibit in outdoor areas, which was welcomed by exhibitors, associations and expert partners. Major companies such as BILLA, Bohemilk, Bukotec, Espresso Professional, Ille Service, J 4, Jarospol technology, Kornfeil, Mlékárna Hlinsko, Montycon gastro, Omega CZ, Pekass, Retigo, TENART Stroje or TOPOS have already confirmed their presence in Brno on 20 to 23 April 2020.

SALIMA is a trade fair brand with international sound, which was born at the Brno Exhibition Centre 45 years ago. Nowadays it still stands out from the range of local food and beverage exhibitions for its comprehensive portfolio and international impact. In Brno, domestic manufacturers showcase their products, ranging from the largest firms to small family businesses, and foreign suppliers make efforts to penetrate the Czech market. The last edition took place in the spring of 2018 with the participation of 889 exhibiting and represented companies, which was a significant growth. Almost half of the companies presented were foreign and the Brno Exhibition Center received 25,000 visitors from 33 countries in five days.

The organizers expect at least the same high attendance in April 2020, when the 32nd edition of the SALIMA international food fair will take place. Emphasis will once again be placed on the technological part under the SALIMA Technology brand. In parallel, the jubilee 10th MBK International Trade Fair of Grain Milling, Baking and Confectionery Industries will be held and the traditional VINEX International Wine Fair will be part of the complex. Equipment for shops, hotels and catering will be presented under the renewed G+H brand. Food fairs will again be complemented by the EmbaxPrint International Fair for Packaging and Printing, which is a logical link, as a high percentage of the packaging industry's production goes to the food industry.

In addition to the new date, next year we can also look forward to a new arrangement where the fairs will move to modern central halls. “SALIMA, which focuses on the presentation of end products, will be held in Halls G1 and G2. The specialized and more technology-oriented SALIMA Technology, MBK, G+H and EmbaxPrint will jointly occupy the traditional Hall V and newly also Hall F,” said the director of food fairs Martin Videczký. 

Exhibitors can once again enter the prestigious Gold SALIMA competition for the best exhibits of the food fairs. But it is not only about presentation of news; the fairs will also become an important platform for an expert discussion on current topics. Once again, great emphasis will be placed on the presence of representatives of grocery retail chains. The organizers are further developing cooperation with the Chamber of Retailers at the Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, which roofs all major chains in the Czech Republic, as well as with independent retailers. 

The food fairs will be held from Monday to Thursday and will appeal to trade and B2B visitors. From Thursday to Saturday, they will be followed by the Festival of Flavours, which will focus on tasting sessions and sale to end customers; visitors can taste Czech and international food specials. They can also look forward to the popular microbrewery festival organized in cooperation with the Czech-Moravian Microbrewery Association and newly also to a wide range of specials from the production of various restaurants.

Companies can register for food fairs now. They will get the best price for the exhibition space until 15 November 2019.


Date: 8 Oct 2019 20:21:00

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