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17.-20.2. 2016

International Food Fair

Dough divider WP Parta U with weight control CWP maxx

Product: Dough divider WP Parta U with weight control CWP maxx
Location: Hall V,  No. st. 011
Producer: BIZERBA Váhy a Systémy s.r.o.
Exhibitor: Tomáš Ticháček, PETOBAKING

Brief characteristics of the exhibit

This machine finds its place wherever the fast and exact dividing of pieces between 100-2800g is needed. Typical customer is bakery, but this kind of equipment is used also by dumpling making companies or other food processors.

Innovative is combining the divider to functional unit with the weight controller, which comunicates and give a feedback back to divider. This combination leads to very exact weighing. Producers without weight control usually  make the sizes of the pieces bigger than is written. This need is not necessary with the weight controlling divider, thereby generates very valuable savings of costs. The weight controller is able to set exact weights of the pieces, watch tendency of dough rising and eventual unexact pieces discard from following process. The entire production is also monitored and provides manufacturers with valuable statistical data. Food processors obtain a quality machine, and a significant competitive advantage.




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20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

20.-23.4. 2020

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