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28.2. - 2.3. 2012

International Food Fair

Salima flagship to focus on fresh and regional food


“We will find mainly small and medium sized companies among the food exhibitors this year, offering a new and interesting assortment. Emphasis is placed on both high quality and freshness, and on demanding processing of raw materials. Visitors from the RETAIL and HORECA segment can find new contacts and ideas for their business,” director Ing. Věra Menšíková characterizes this year's International Food Fairs.

Salima reflects the trends that drive the current food market. More and more consumers deliberately seek not only domestic, but even regional food products, and are willing to dig deeper in their pocket because of them. This new best seller gave rise to a phenomenon of the farmers' markets, but it is also attractive for traditional distribution channels. Retailers and restaurant operators who pick up this trend early and integrate it permanently in their offer, will gain a significant competitive advantage. They will have the opportunity to establish contacts with suppliers right at the Brno trade fair.

Regional food is an excellent alternative to mass production for its freshness, taste and excellent quality. Salima will present individual companies and associated exhibitors. The State Agriculture Fund will present its extensive stand with a range of at least ten “Regional Food” brand holders. Together with them, the KlasA brand producers will also be exhibiting here as usual, bringing some of their more than 1 300 labelled products.

The Federation of the Food and Drink Industries of the Czech Republic will also bring its products, wanting to promote its new brand, “Czech Product” and its carriers. The Czech Product logo tells consumers that a product is manufactured and processed exclusively in the Czech Republic and includes a dominant share of domestic raw materials. The Food Chamber booth will feature at least twenty of the first holders of the brand, among them such as ZŘUD Písek, Madeta, Boneco, Moravia Lacto and other major companies.


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