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Golden Salima for wine-making technology


Six products were registered by exhibitors for the Gold Salima 2014 competition in the engineering products category. The awarded prize was ultimately granted to only one exhibit - microbiological filtration device by Czech manufacturer of stainless steel, NEREZ Blučina.


Cross-flow filter CF-10 is a device for membrane filtration process developed specifically for wine with a strong emphasis on economy and achieving high clarity. It has a built-in heater and is equipped with an automatic control procedure of the filtration process. Release of capillary during filtration takes place during a dynamic backwash - the so-called blast. Sludge is discharged from the system into a separate tank, they are filtered at the end of the process and the rest of the wine is drained out with a suction pump. The filter is equipped with a membrane water backwash, thereby washing away dirt and loosening membrane pores, which prolongs the interval of necessary chemical sanitization.

"It is a modern, sterile filtration process, which solves the problem of silting and cleaning the filter by unique dynamic blasting. It is also an ecological process, without waste during filtration, economical with sanitation substances and environmentally friendly, "says František Šťastný, Managing Director of NEREZ Blučina, who manufactures equipment and wants to compete with foreign suppliers. The filter is available in sizes from 10 to 60 meters, therefore it can be applied by small winemakers as well as large producers. It can also be used by manufacturers of cider, mead and other drinks.

The company NEREZ Blučina focuses mainly on technology for breweries which they have been have successfully exporting. They have been supplying stainless steel technology devices for wine producers since 1990, beside filters these  mainly include de-seeder mills, tanks and pumps. They have been regular participants of the VINEX fair since the first year, and this year they are introducing both the filtering device, as well as the final products of their "Šťastný winery". "When we develop technology for processing grapes, we must also try them out. We buy grapes, we process them and wine is actually a by-product for us, but we present them both at the fair - wine and technology," explains František Šťastný. The filtration device had its premiere in Hall A1 and the producer very much appreciated its success. " I am very happy about the award, a lot of competition met in our category this year, so we really appreciate the Golden Salima. I am satisfied with the participation in the fair, and I will try and take advantage of the obtained awards commercially. The first customer interested in buying has already found our filter, and we dealt with potential customers here at the fair too," said F. Šťastný.

Date: 28 Feb 2014 12:55:00

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