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Golden Salima for fresh milk in a glass bottle


One of this year's ten Golden Salima awards went to BOHEMILK dairy milk for fresh milk in a glass bottle. It is a Czech product from the foothills of Orlické Hory mountains, which Opočenská dairy launched last year.

"We were the first to introduce this product in the Czech Republic. We went back to packaging milk in glass which is what customers increasingly seek," says marketing manager Eva Šachová. The award-winning product is sold under the name Čerstvé české mléko in a design glass bottle with a vacuum cap and as of yesterday, like semi-skimmed milk in a glass bottle, it can boast the title ČESKÝ VÝROBEK - guaranteed by the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic.

Milk, both fresh and UHT, belongs to the flagship products of BOHEMILK, along with other products, such as UHT cream, yogurt, sour cream, condensed milk and butter. Another key program is the production and sale of dried ice cream mixtures under the brand of the Czech Ice Cream From Opočno. The best known and most popular is the vanilla cone from Opočno, which has been produced according to the original recipe for over fifty years.

The BOHEMILK dairy, whose tradition dates back to 1936, is based at Salima in Hall V together with other companies, Moravia Lacto and Olešnice Dairy, who also belong to the Interlacto Group. "Our stand was quite busy especially the first two days when the professional community came to visit. Customers came to meetings and tasted the novelties from Olešnice for the upcoming season, such as cottage cheese and fresh cheese, from hard cheeses, buttermilk and other products the Jihlava dairy, they were interested in the ice cream mixture and dairy products. So we are satisfied with the interest and participation after the first three days," says Eva Šachová.

Date: 27 Feb 2014 20:00:00

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