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Roast beef Speciality from Židlochovice


One of the ten Golden Salima awards were given to Židlochovice Roast Beef Speciality by Janíček & Čupa, výroba speciálních uzenin s.r.o.

"This product already bears the title Regional Food, and now it also won the Golden Salima says Mr. František Janíček, co-owner of the company. "Židlochovice Roast Beef Speciality is our novelty this year and it is produced according to our own recipe. We have received two Golden Salima awards two years ago, and now another one, it is a great satisfaction for us that tells us that we are on the right path. We produce absolutely without mechanically separated meat, flour, emulsions of the skin, soybeans and without dye. Our factory is one of the few where we produces only with meat today," says Mr. Janíček.

Židlochovice Roast Beef Speciality is a product of dark colour, firm texture, pleasantly salty and spicy taste and a delicate beef aroma. It is intended for customers who like beef. It is purely hand-made and an unmistakable product on the market for a customer who prefers quality products. Židlochovice Roast Beef Speciality is suitable for festive platters, the product is suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Židlochovice Roast Beef Speciality is sold exclusively in the company's three stores, Janíček& Čupa, výroba speciálních uzenin: in the square of Židlochovice, Hybešova 30 in Brno and a shop in Dolní Kounice. Janíček & Čupa supply 95% of their production just to their own stores and not supply to retail food chains.

Date: 28 Feb 2014 10:38:00

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