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Vodní sklo, a.s.

The company Vodni Sklo, a.s. is Czech manufacturer of water glass (silicates) and calcium chloride.
We offer following products:

Calcium chloride

Used in food production (E509), production of fertilizers and feed. Increases calcium content in food and feed, regulates pH, anti-caking and hardening agent, water treatment.

Sodium hydrogencarbonate (soda bicarbonate)

Used in food (E500) and feed production.

Calcium carbonate

Used in food (E170) and feed production, the production of fertilizers.

Dorsil ZD (potassium water glass/silicate)

Protection against fungal diseases, mold and mildew. Increases the resistance of plants to drought and insects. Adding potassium to the soil.

Degreasers (Alkon A sp., S sp., K 10, L 32)

Cleaning and degreasing agents for use in the food industry.

Colloidal silica (Bindzil)

Flocculant in the production of beer, wine, vinegar and fruit juices.

Date: 14 Jan 2016 08:54:00

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