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Veterinarians discussed the safety of food production and processing


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), physically dangerous foods account for the deaths of two million people worldwide. Each year, 310,000 cases of illness from bacteria on food are diagnosed in the European Union. These figures, pointing out the big responsibility of producers, traders and inspection agencies, were mentioned at the veterinarians’ conference, which is being held for the thirteenth time.

The Conference on safe production and processing of food of animal origin was held with great interest from participants from the Czech and Slovak Republic, who filled the entire cinema hall of the BVV Administrative Building. “I see the benefit already in the fact how many veterinarians who are involved in ensuring animal health and food safety have come here. We exchange information also with colleagues from Slovakia because they have a similar market and similar behaviour. It is inspiring and important for us to know where the problems are, to be able to detect and adjust supervision to make it effective," said Zbyněk Semerád, the Director of the State Veterinary Administration of the Czech Republic ((ÚVS SVS ČR). In his opening speech, Zbyněk Semerád especially emphasized the role of the State Veterinary Administration in the inspection and supervisory activities in the area of food safety, pointing out that veterinary supervision is the most effective tool to promote the principles and goals of veterinary care.

His Slovak counterpart, the director of the State Veterinary and Food Administration Jozef Bíreš also offered a whole range of numbers, to draw attention to the problems faced not only by our country, but also by other European countries. These include violations of employees arising from their low qualification in the food industry, fraud with mechanically separated meat, lack of control of organic food or untraceability of food surpluses after the announcement of the Russian embargo.

Veterinarian Conference raised a number of current issues. Apart from the aforementioned issues associated with antimicrobial residues in food of animal origin there are also the newly prepared rules for veterinary medicines and medicated feed, food security in relation to pharmaceutical residues of and new aspects of safety assessment, the issue of AMR in the human field, the requirements for the national quality brand Klasa and the Regional Food in the South Moravian Region in food of animal origin.

Date: 17 Feb 2016 14:45:00

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