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The trade fair smells of coffee and brings new concepts


A great connoisseur of coffee and an internationally recognized expert of Italian origin, Gian Luigi Nora, who is considered a "guru" in his field, participated in drafting of a concept which is presented by Espresso company in Hall A2 in Brno these days. The concept is called CAFE RESERVA and in the words of the director of Ivo Moravec its creation took five years. The company also presents Italian coffee of the Vergnano brand with the motto "km0" a new project of specially modified filtered water in Brno. Visitors to the stand can also take part in a coffee brewing competition.

" CAFE RESERVA is a concept that we have developed with the Italian coffee guru Mr. Gian Luigi Nora. He is a famous person who has devoted a lifetime to coffee, created his own categorization and classification of coffee and wrote a number of professional books on this topic. He is a true master in mixing coffee, therefore we invited him to create a concept for us that will be targeted very much on  "green ideas", says Ivo Moravec, director of Espresso. A green idea means in practice that all coffee offered by the company and which comes from plantations in equatorial Africa, India and Central and South America, is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. It promotes conservation of tropical ecosystems, maintaining biodiversity and supporting sustainable communities. The main objectives of the organization for more than twenty years include ecologically sustainable land use and socially responsible behaviour of private companies.

The "Coffee is roasted in Italy, because Mr. Gian Luigi Nora oversees the production, in a very prestigious roasting company, which currently supplies coffee even for the Vatican or for Florian, the oldest cafe in the world on San Marco Square in Venice," says Ivo Moravec, stating that completely new, unique blends were created for the CAFE RESERVA concept and designers also created a special collection of cups. The second concept presented in Brno focuses on Vergnano coffee, a traditional Italian family company whose history dates back to 1882. "We focus not only on gastronomy, we also come into homes and offices," adds Ivo Moravec. Thirdly, he points out the third novelty, a special filtration system for treatment of tap water, with the motto "km0" - zero kilometres. "We all know that nowadays a huge number of trucks transport bottled water back and forth. Therefore, we are presenting a filtering system that allows hoteliers and restaurateurs to offer quality tap water, which is under control, specially treated and filtered. The filtration system can be supplied with carbon dioxide, therefore guests can also get sparkling water. "

The company offers visitors to try to prepare a good espresso or cappuccino at their exhibition stand the during the fair. They do not have to have any special training, but the main thing they should not lack is real interest. Preparing good coffee requires not only knowledge and skills, but especially, as the Italians claim, one also has to devote their heart to it.

Date: 26 Feb 2014 16:00:00

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