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A trade fair means effective media support of individual exhibitors


All exhibitors who are interested in increasing publicity and advertising of their products, brands, machinery or technology can use the media connection of the Salima, MBK, INTECO and VINEX food fairs and packaging and printing fairs EMBAX and PRINTexpo with professional publishers and their magazines (see Media partners of individual fairs). Thanks to this combination, the trade fairs bring the exhibitors high added value free of charge. We achieve significant media coverage of every fair and its exhibitors not only through advertising and PR articles in professional journals of our partners in the Czech Republic and abroad, but also through e-letters sent out to a large database of addresses of visitors that we have available after all the years when all the fairs have been held.

Another place where exhibitors can visualize are the web pages, e.g. www.salima.eu or www.embax.eu and other fairs‘ websites where PR portal called "News" and "Exhibitors’ Novelties" are prepared. We regularly publish news and updates regarding the fair and exhibitors here. This service is free for exhibitors, and if they take advantage of our offer and send us materials - information about current news, new brands, exhibited products or machines and technologies, they increase the efficiency of their promotion free of charge. (Please send your information and photos to the address jkrejci@bvv.cz)

In terms of outdoor promotion of your company or brand you can use the presentation directly at the Fairgrounds during the SALIMA, MBK, INTECO, VINEX, EMBAX and PRINTexpo fairs. Estimated visitor rate to the fairs throughout the four days is around 35,000 people and that is certainly not an insignificant number.

Exhibitors, increase your publicity and expand your advertising campaign by making use of this offer!

Date: 3 Oct 2013 15:17:00

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18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

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