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CEITEC and ROLOFOL cooperation cemented by signature


Chairman of the Board of Directors of ROLOFOL, Václav Kučerka and Director of the Central Institute of Technology CEITEC at BUT Radimír Vrba have signed an extended cooperation agreement at EMBAX PRINT today. That means for the company ROLOFOL an opportunity to use a wider scientific basis. "We operate in a very competitive environment. To be successful in foreign markets, we need to offer to our customers top quality and something more. And this is helped not only by our own diligence, but also the fact we have the possibility to use scientific knowledge," says Miroslav Zeman, business director of ROLOFOL.

The company has already cooperated with CEITEC in the past. As a result it managed to produce and bring to market the fixation film ROLOfilm XT, which the flagship of their presentation at the Brno trade fair. This film is a European and world leader in its quality and stable technical characteristics, being thin, solid, reliable, and cost-saving. Today's contract signing was also attended by the head of development of the DOW laboratories from Horgen in Switzerland. This company supplies high quality granules that form the basis for ROLOfilm TX and with which Czech technologists work in factories. The key ingredient is a top quality ethylene-octene copolymer.

ROLOFOL is the only Czech producer of LLDPE fixing film for manual and machine packaging. The company is headquartered in Bordovice near Frenštát pod Radhoštěm, production is done on cast lines in two factories. The company started their own production in 2005, four years before that they focused on the distribution of fixing film. "ROLOfilm TX is the result of always striving for something new, thinking of our work and putting our soul in it," says Miroslav Zeman.

Date: 18 Feb 2016 12:50:00

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