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SALIMA Technology is on a roll, gaining interest from a number of companies


The new conception of the SALIMA International Food Fair and its accompanying events, which will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 27 February to 2 March, is already attracting interest from a number of companies.

The separate promotion of SALIMA Technology and the traditional concept of the food industry part of the SALIMA trade fair has been shown to be a sensible step. This strategy has attracted not only experts in the field but also technology companies.

We are now registering increased interest and more applications from companies in the fields of food and baking technology. Do not hesitate to join them! The technological exhibition will, as is traditional, be placed together with the MBK, INTECO and VINEX trade fairs in pavilion V.


A truly representative showcase for companies

Already now, before the regular deadline for submitting applications, we know that visitors can look forward to a showcase of companies representing the best in their field. A wide range of domestic and foreign brands for hotels, restaurant and café operation will be on offer from for example Delikomat, Retigo, Gastro Mach, Montycon, Eiskon and many other firms.

A recovery and an appetite to invest again is reflected in the demand from visitors from among the owners and operators of food production, restaurant operators and retailers. These are already ordering specific products and services. They certainly will not be disappointed. Among those already looking forward to these visitors are the companies Frimark, RN servis, Ille service,Winterhalter, Sahm Gastro, TC Bohemia, Unis Cool and also suppliers of food, drink and specialities from the Czech Republic and abroad.


There will also be microbreweries

The trade fair will also include the popular Festival of Microbreweries, which is organised together with the Bohemian-Moravian Association of Microbreweries, which is made up of more than 300 small breweries. Devotees of the amber nectar, experts and members of the general public will have a chance to taste 200 kinds of craft beer from more than 50 Czech and Slovak microbreweries. Some will even be brewed specially for the occasion. There will also be an interesting supplementary programme.


Make use of the trade fair’s promotional campaign

You can increase the value of participating in the trade fair by gaining free media support. We can effectively aid our exhibitors in the preparation of displays and promotion of their company and products. Tell us what you would like to reach out to visitors with, how you would like to surprise them and what new things are happening in your company. You should also make use of the media links the trade fair has with the publishers of specialised journals, newspapers and economic publications. This cooperation brings great added value in the form of increased publicity for you and your products.


Do not delay your application for the trade fair

Do you want to have a better price? Apply to the trade fair before the end of October! Also the earlier you apply the greater your choice of exhibition spaces. A cheaper price is automatic with the submission of an application within this deadline and payment of the first advance payment invoice by its due date. You can find further information here 


Date: 24 Oct 2017 09:00:00

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