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Taste Croatian specialities


Six smaller food producers from Croatia presents in a joint exhibition in Hall A1. To visit them is definitely worth it, you can taste marinated fillets of saltwater fish, maraschino cherry liqueur or fig jam.

Croatian specialities are favoured by a number of Czechs during their summer holidays. Who misses the taste of the typical cold meats, fruit and spirits may be recall it at the Salima fair from where the Croatian producers would like to penetrate the Czech retail network. Six smaller producers agreed and came to exhibit in Brno, where they are promoting the tastes of Croatia even without the support of their government.

"We are exhibiting at Salima for the first time, along with five other companies from Croatia, mostly small family farms. We came here with one goal - to introduce our products, because many Czech tourists come to us during the summer and find our products very tasty," says Ana Aralica of the family company OPG Aralica in Šibenik, Croatia. According to her, Czech tourists especially like the rakija brandy flavoured with various kinds of herbs. They also brought extra virgin olive oil from domestic production to Brno, fig jam, almonds in sugar or jam from maraschino cherries. "This is a typical Croatian product and maraschino cherries marinated in brandy are great with ice cream or desserts. We also use them to make liqueur and other special liqueur combines the taste of cherries and chocolate," explains a representative of the Croatian organic farming.

Another exhibitor, the company Riba Dražin comes from the traditional fishing town of Kaštel Kambelovcu. Their products combine marinated fish fillets with peppers, capers and olives into unique and exotic flavours for us. A bottler and producer of medicinal aromatic oils TOP Bjelovar brought herbal oils with wide use to the fair. For example, oil of black cumin strengthens immunity and cold pressed hemp oil works as a body cleanser. The Croatian stand also offers a taste of typical pastries and the sausage from Cakovec that also reminds you of summer holiday.

Date: 25 Feb 2014 18:45:00

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