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Return of Bulgarian wines


"Bulgarian wine is returning to the Czech market." That is how one could describe in one sentence the message of Georgi Ivanchev, one of the exhibitors at this year's SALIMA trade fair. His stand in Hall A2 presents thirty samples of wines from seven wineries mainly from the Bulgarian Thracian Lowland, a southern wine region of Bulgaria.

"The Bulgarian wines are good, but they lack better popularity in the Czech Republic," says Georgi Ivanchev, who claims that after the revolution, especially during the last fifteen years, quality Bulgarian wines have not been imported to the Czech Republic, which reflects in the current low interest of Czech consumers in Bulgarian wines. That is why Georgi Ivanchev came to VINEX last year and founded a company in Brno, which currently specializes in imports of Bulgarian wines. "We know that we will not change this situation from one day to the next, therefore we strive to organize tastings and meet directly with the customers as much as possible," he says, while offering mainly red and to a lesser extent, rosé and white wines on the stand. They include for example, rosé Mavrud from the winery Manastira or Misket and Dimyat from the Karabunar winery.

Bulgaria belongs to countries which have a long tradition of wine growing. The ancient Romans already knew where wine thrives, and in Bulgaria it works thanks to a suitable climate and diverse environment equally well in the inland as in the coastal areas, or in the foothills of the mountains. Besides the already mentioned Thracian Lowland, where roughly one-fifth of the Bulgarian vineyards are located, we find famous wine regions on the Danube Plain in the north, to the east in the Black Sea region or in the Rose Valley in the Subbalkan area.

Date: 26 Feb 2014 20:14:00

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