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Hungarian Flavours 7 Times Differently


The Agricultural Marketing Centre, which is part of the Hungarian Tourism company and helps promote the Hungarian agricultural and food products in foreign markets, brought seven companies from different areas of the food industry to Brno this year.

The Hungarian stand in Hall A2 showcases companies that offer paprika, barbecue or apple sauces, products from pork, poultry, goose and duck specialties, pasta, honey products with herbs, traditional trdelník pastry or brandy.

"Exhibitors include small family businesses, but also larger companies with a long tradition," says Katalin Horvát, Project Manager of the Agricultural Marketing Centre based in Budapest. "One of the companies has its international premiere in their Brno presentation," she adds. The family businesses include Paprissimo company, who have been specializing in the production of sauces from the famous Hungarian peppers since the year 2000, also barbecue sauces and apple sauces, which Ákos Lokodi, owner and chef in one person, recommended not only for the natural roasted meats, but surprisingly, for the sweet Christmas cake at their exhibition stand. "Yesterday and today we had very interesting meetings at our stand, we are preparing a company presentation for a retail chain for the afternoon," as Balázs Debeczeny, the business manager of the company, summarizes the current events.

Hungarian flavours are also represented by Marian Foods company, one of the oldest and largest food processors in Hungary who offer a wide range of products from poultry and pork. Twenty-five-years of tradition, that is the Tranzit Food company, specializing in goose and duck products of high quality. Gyermelyi group have been on the market for four decades, they produce more than forty kinds of egg and egg-free pasta and durum wheat products.

These companies present themselves together with other producers in Brno - Szicsek distillery, known for spirits of various fruits, Herbatea Manufaktúra company who create special sweets from a combination of herbs, honey and spices, and a sweet finish of this list, Kürcsi company that offer delicious trdelník pastry with different flavours. "In Hungary, as in other countries, we see a growing interest in natural products without preservatives," says Katalin Horvát about the current trend and believes that the Hungarian stand will attract visitors with a wide range and the businesses will leave Brno enriched with new contacts.

Date: 26 Feb 2014 18:56:00

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