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JAROSPOL Technology s.r.o.


CLIMATROP® – climator unit for proofers
Climator CLIMATROP® for mature dough, developed and patented by JAROSPOL company, is able to make equally tropical climate with temperature up to 45 °C and humidity up to 95% RH. It is intended for all types of trolley proofers for its small size. CLIMATROP® uses ultrasonic humidification technology. This technology allows the creation of “cold steam“ with 100% efficiency without drain, without water pressure needs and with electricity consumption only 120 W. It allows to regulate water and humidity independently with equally air flow very slow speed and silent. Operation is completely hygienic. The vaporized water is deprived of any impurities, there is no contamination of the environment and thus to influence the sensitive area.

PANEOTRAD® – concept for fresh baking in shop
Now, all conditions are met to allow you to see & shape your craft in a new light. Paneotrad® is a machine designed for the production of traditional breads with an airy texture (generous & irregular holes). Paneotrad® allows for gentle dough handling, without degassing or stressful operations while enhancing the bread’s flavour. The automated working cycle of Paneotrad® offers consistency in processing the dough from one batch to the next.

In less than a minute it forms baguettes, square or rectangular loaves, and rolls that are ready to go into the oven. By eliminating dividing & moulding machines, Paneotrad® allows the baker to save up to 30% labour time. Retard proofing in cool environment allows baking fresh bread flexibly in front of customers in shop. You will see workshop on exhibition.

Date: 14 Jan 2016 08:54:00

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