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Introtex s.r.o.

Profile System
Is an innovative diemaker unlike any other! It’s a highly accurate, exceptionally versatile router that enables die shops to perform multiple functions on a single piece of affordable equipment. The Profile is a die tool routing system that generates all types of die cutting tools quickly and easily.

It all starts with Profile’s patented digital rotary machining process. With its carbide conical cutting tool, the Profile cuts a dieboard into two layers; each a mirror image of the other. Combining the forces of a high-performance adhesive and the Profile Press, the layers are laminated together to form a dieboard that is exceptionally strong, and flat – the perfect combination for unequaled rule holding. With its optional application kits, you can generate dies, counter plates, male and female blankers and strippers, custom samples, and coating blankets. The Profile works with a wide range of materials including plywoods, phenolic and plastic.

M Series System
This proud new addition to the long legacy of industry leading CAD/CAM cutting systems represents over 40 years of experience and over five years of advanced design and development.

The M Series is the latest, most robust and most versatile cutting system on the market today! It features a large range of sizes, advanced tooling, unobstructed table access, laser pointer, powerful vacuum hold-down, low-noise operation, built-insafety beam and the Total Tooling Technology Head (T3 Head) which offers the complete package of automatically identifiable tool. The optional Mvision-cut® optical system features accurate print-to-cut registration and compensates for skewness and linear distortion. All the tools of the Windows Front End graphical user interface maintain compatibility with all major CAD systems on the market today. It is also available with an easy-to-use touch screen option.

M Series Digital Finishing System
Is the most powerful and versatile digital finishing system on the market today! Its advanced cutting technology gives you the performance edge you need to produce high quality finished graphics. System gives the right selection of cutting tools and material settings for a wide range of substrates such as foam boards, styrene, PVC, polycarbonates, corrugated plastics, acrylics and aluminum composites. Change tools and jobs in seconds with our modular T3 Tool head design with MVision. You can digitally register printed graphics, then knife cut and/or rout the same job and change over to foam cutting or creasing, all within the single modular T3 Tool head. Using the extensive list of pre-programmed materials, selection of the ideal tool and optimum performance parameters is fast and efficient.

CONTACT: introtex.office@gmail.com

For more information visit our website www.intex.bytom.pl or www.gerberinnovations.com

Date: 5 Jan 2016 13:23:00

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