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Hungarian Tourism Ltd.


Nature has blessed Hungary with very rich values. Water-rich rivers are crossing the fertile fields, plains and hills. On the shores of Lake Balaton and on the North Hungarian Mountains former volcanic mountains grant outstanding microclimate for the production of grapes and wine. Thanks to the climatic and geographical conditions Hungary is home of varied and enjoyable tastes.

For quite a long time Hungary is known as Europe’s food chamber. The reason for this is not only our natural environment, but the century old production culture and the love of the land too. The invigorating sunshine and abundant rainfall give our fruits, vegetables and wine individual taste and original flavour. The meat from traditional and still up to date livestock breeding is a special treat. But before it comes to the plate, a whole range of professionals are involved in the processing. Thanks to them many Hungarian specialties are known and sought worldwide.

A combination of tradition and production culture, the site characteristics and climatic conditions, the peculiarity of the products result in outstanding quality that meets all the requirements of the European Union.

At the Hungarian booth visitors will have the opportunity to learn about our country and even to taste Hungary!


Date: 6 Jan 2016 13:23:00

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18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

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