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The best Tunisian variety of grenade: the Gabsi.

This semi early variety native to the region of Gabes (southern Tunisia) is harvested in mid-September. She is highly regarded for its exceptional aesthetic and taste qualities: red fruit caliber bursting with flavor.

The date, which comes in dozens of varieties in the world but the most famous and most sought is undoubtedly the „Deglet Nour“, the „Datte light“.

This queen of dates is renowned for its translucent texture that suggests, in the light, its core and the sweetness of its flesh taste of honey.

The Deglet Nour is mainly produced in Tunisia and exported to all countries of the world. The exceptional nutritional benefits of Tunisian date are recognized for millennia: the blessed fruit of the Gods is very rich in minerals and iron, and also contains fiber and well assimilated sugars.

Its sweet taste blends well with that of milk, and this combination provides a healthy meal, complete and balanced.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil from organic agriculture, without additives and without the addition of other oil and superior „cold extracted“ by process mechanical, it undergoes neither chemical treatment or refining.

PAV A2 033

Date: 5 Jan 2016 10:15:00

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