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Czech consumers are slowly changing: price still prevails during a purchase, but quality is considered more often


Price still remains an important decision-making criterion during shopping, but interest of domestic consumers in quality Czech food for is gradually growing. Producers are helped by good results in tests and competitions that are published in the media, as well as a visible sign of quality on the products themselves. Company representatives presenting their range of traditional products and novelties agreed about this these days at the Salima trade fair at the exhibition stand of the KLASA national brand in Hall A1.

Among them, one of the leading mineral water producers in the Czech Republic, the company Hanácká kyselka. They are presenting a new type of one-litre bottles in Brno, containing mineral water with new flavours of forest fruit and lime with lemon. The new product line in a smaller package originated from purely practical reasons, targeting a group of actively living consumers. "It is a new format that is suitable for travelling, cycling, fitness, it easily fits into the bag," says Lenka Němcová, sales representative for South Moravia, highlighting the pleasant taste of the mineral water entitled "Litrovka" and the new design of plastic bottles. According to her, Czech consumers want not only the classics, but also like to try new products. "The Czechs are quite flexible in this respect. It is typical for them to show a lot of interest in sugar content, whether the drink contains artificial sweeteners etc.," she adds. Another issue in the selection process focuses on a certificate of quality Czech product. "Consumers read the information on the labels, they acknowledge the quality certificate. Therefore Klasa is of great importance for us," says regional manager Marcela Mucková.

"I think especially the younger generation tries to live healthy and is interested in quality food," says Eva Kubálková, key account manager for Kand company. This brand presents mainly ketchups along with other traditional Czech products such as Malva mustard or cranberries and cranberry compote in Brno. "In 2011 our sweet ketchup won in the D test magazine evaluation. This was very helpful in sales. We present the company at the trade fair primarily to show the general and professional public that we exist, give them an opportunity to get acquainted with our products and their quality," says Eva Kubálková, stating that the ketchup produced by her company contains 120 g tomatoes for each 100 g of ketchup and does not contain any additive, starch and chemicals.

Experience from practice tells us that the price of goods is still crucial when buying food in the current purchasing power, but many Czech consumers pay more and more attention to the information about the product. Marcela Mucková from the company Hanácká kyselka confirmed this gradual trend. "One time I had a feeling that consumers only followed the price. Now I'd say they are returning back to quality."

Date: 26 Feb 2014 10:25:00

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