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How about some tea cocktail?


The new trend is healthy, environmentally friendly and attractive for bartenders and customers. Tea in non-traditional forms can be tasted in Hall A1 at the stand of Espresso company representing the famous Dilmah tea brand on the Czech market.

Czech catering usually serves tea in the form of a tea bag and hot water, leaving the brewing to the customer. That way they risk that the preparation will not be correct, and above all it denies a number of other options that this traditional drink offers. "The Dilmah company from Sri Lanka does not only go down the classical road of a warm drink. The purpose of our presentation is to promote real tea, its various options, and especially the right preparation, that we want to show to our customers," says Václav Malý, Espresso product manager for the Dilmah brand, adding:" It is actually a huge revolution in the serving of tea, because the customer should get a ready drink on the table, not just water and a bag. The proper preparation of tea is a question of a technological process, which, just like in the case of coffee, is best carried out by a professional."

But it is not just about the traditional hot drink – visitors to Hall A1 are introduced especially to true iced tea. "It is an alternative to the absurdly expensive, sugary chemical soft drinks , which are sold under the name of iced tea, although tea only accounts for 0.01% of the content. We want to teach bartenders and the public how to properly prepare it," says Václav Malý. The preparation of iced tea is simple, the warm extract is slightly sweetened and rapidly cooled with ice cubes. That way tea does not lose its properties, taste and smell." Such a drink means economic profit for the bartender, because the cost of tea as raw material is far lower than the finished drink in a plastic bottle. And the customer gets a healthy and freshly prepared drink without preservatives where the preparation does not burden the environment, there is no need for plastic bottles and their transport or refrigeration," Malý lists the advantages of cool tea-based drinks.

Date: 27 Feb 2014 18:36:00

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