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The presentation of the South Moravian Region is worth seeing


The exhibition stand of the South Moravian Region together with the Regional Agrarian Chamber presents visitors with a plethora of specialities from different suppliers. The large area in Hall A1 features representatives with foods that are adorned with honours such as Golden Flavour of South Moravia or Regional Food. Exhibited items include Sedlák goat cheeses, Horňácká Farm, Slavkov Brewery, Rašner Bakery, Ohrada Village Brewery or Maňák Winery. Visitors can take away a map of award-winning regional foods, which includes more than 350 items. Znojmo secondary school students show off their culinary and pastry arts or you can see a "live" filleting of Pohořelický carp. Visit the exhibition of the South Moravian Region in Hall A1 / 011-012.

Date: 25 Feb 2014 16:00:00

Concurrently with

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

18. - 21.5. 2021

20. - 22.5. 2021

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