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Czech food is the safest


This statement results from the check-ups of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI) realized last year. At the same time, the amount of fines and penalties imposed almost doubled and the trend is to further tighten up. Representatives of SZPI informed about it at a press conference held at SALIMA.

In 2013, SZPI realized a total of 35 686 full-featured controls, which is 550 more than in the previous year. Most of them, nearly 26 000, took place in retail, where five times more non-compliant samples from  were found compared to manufacturers. Problems were found in 23 percent of controlled batches. "It does not mean, however, that a fifth of the products in the consumer’s cart would not be satisfying. We conduct targeted checkups where a problem can be expected, or upon the initiative of the public," said the SZPI General Director Martin Klanica.

In terms of food origin, domestic products were the least problematic, inspections found errors in 17% of surveyed batches as in the previous year. In food originating in the EU, inspections evaluated 28% of the controlled batches as unsatisfactory and in the case of foodstuffs from countries outside the EU 38% of the batches did not comply with the legislation requirements. "Again, it turned out that Czech food has a very high standard, in the European and global context," commented Martin Klanica these results. He added that the adverse findings in food from outside the EU did not surprise him, but the results of inspections of food from other European countries were striking. "If everyone put their own house in order, all operators in the EU member states did everything according to regulations and supervisory bodies functioned as effectively as in the Czech Republic, the results should be on the same level as ours," said director Klanica.

Date: 27 Feb 2014 17:00:00

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