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Czech chocolate with Ecuadorian roots


Čokoládovna Troubelice (Troubelice Chocolate Factory) is a small family company tied with Ecuador - a country of high quality cocoa beans. As a direct importer of raw materials they have recently embarked on making their own chocolate that was awarded the Golden Salima 2014 right at its premiere at the Brno trade fair.

The basis of originality and high quality Franko chocolate from Troubelice in Moravia lies in the direct link to the growers and suppliers of raw materials. "All the cocoa products and panela sugar cane juice used come from Ecuador, an Equatorial country in South America. Ecuadorian cocoa beans are some of the best and most famous in the world due to their exceptional aroma and taste. We carefully select our suppliers and personally supervise the harvest, the subsequent purchase of raw materials, goods loading in Ecuador and unloading in the Czech Republic," owner František Bačík of Čokoládovna Troubelice  describes the strict control process; he lived in Ecuador for seven years and a part of his family are still there.

He began importing raw materials for the production of chocolate in 2010, but customer demand grew, they often wanted to try the end product, therefore based on this impulse he set off to produce chocolate as well. "We produced our first chocolate bar about nine months ago. It is a true Czech chocolate made from cocoa beans, we do not use semiproducts, nor add any thickeners, flavourings or chemicals. As probably the only company in the Czech Republic we use panela, solidified cane juice unrefined and not being deprived of molasses instead of white sugar, which is a healthy option of sweetening," explains František Bačík, what makes their chocolate unique.

This truth was also confirmed by the evaluation committee, who awarded Franko milk chocolate with cocoa solids content of at least 51% one of the ten Golden Salima 2014 awards. "We exhibit at Salima for the first and hopefully not the last time. We are very happy that we won the award right the first time that will perhaps move us further," the manufacturer does not hide the satisfaction, having certainly no regrets about the trade fair participation. "I can not compare with other years, but really many visitors came to us, I did not expect so many. We are dealing with business partners here, both existing and potential new customers, so our participation is definitely beneficial for us. "

The exclusive Franko chocolates are offered in milk, dark and white option, in addition to chocolate bars there are also little rounds available, uniquely decorated with various reliefs. "It is not a dye, but a layer of other chocolate, usually white. We make them to order, such as Valentine's Day hearts, birthday or anniversary items, pieces with dedication, portrait, logo, etc. They are manually smoothed with a spatula, thus each of our chocolates is an original," says František Bačík. His range is mainly aimed at health food stores, restaurants, hotels, gift shops and other selected retailers. "We do not even want to supply retail chains, because we are concerned primarily about quality, which corresponds to the price. I can say that although our chocolate is quite expensive compared to the normal range in the shops, it has found its customers and there are more of them than expected," says the manufacturer contently. At Salima, Troubelice Chocolate Factory appeals to both end users who like the Czech quality, as well as to truffle producers looking for quality chocolate as material for their production or confectioners who are interested in cane juice, cocoa and cocoa butter.

Date: 27 Feb 2014 19:30:00

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