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Województwo Łódzkie


The Lodzkie Region is located in the centre of Poland. Agriculture performs predominant role and signifies for economic development of the region. General area of agriculture crops amounts to 1,100,000 hectares, which accounts for more than 60% of the region’s area. It is one of the highest values in Poland.

Mixed production performs a principle role in the region, the second place belongs to vegetables and fruits cultivation. Area of vegetables crops comes to more than 20,000 hectares and fruit crops to 30,000 hectares.

The Lodzkie Region takes fourth position in Poland as far as animal-breeding is concerned.

Most of homesteads take up stock-raising and pigs-breeding. Approximately 30 dairy-producing companies and more than 300 meat-processing plants operate in the region.


HEKTOR Sp. z o.o.
We manufacture processed fruit and vegetables, eg. pickled cucumbers, pickled pepper, vegetable salads, fruit compotes and a wide range of other fruit and vegetables preserves.

We are focused on keeping the best quality and unique taste of our products.

Thanks to technological achievements and also the newest EU standards we are glad to gain new customers and markets.


PPHU Snails Garden
Food industry products: snails in broth, snails in gravy, caviar, snails meat, snails breeding

Prestige Garden Snails Cream nourishing and regenerating cream with 100% snail mucus

Serum – Ampoules Serum for all skin types: rebuilds, moisturizes, nourishes

Snails in gravy, cooked, up to 10 minutes of cooking 300 g

Snails in the vegetable broth 24 pieces, certified products 160 g

Snails CAVIAR 50 g


Wiatrowy Sad
We produce juice from fruit and vegetables and put it into ‚Bag in Box‘ packages containing 3, 5, 20, 50 and even 220 litres.

We offer natural juices, rich in precious nutritional ingredients, which remain fresh and tasty for up to 14 days after opening, thanks to ‚Bag in Box‘ system.


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